Experience Italy: Sorrento Peninsula

Experience Italy: Sorrento Peninsula

If it feels like Italy’s offerings are endless, that’s probably because they are. While you may never be able to explore the whole country in one trip, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If you’ve always dreamed of immersing yourself in the history, culture, and food of this amazing country, you’re in luck. Let TourRadar take you through even more of the best spots and hidden gems around the Sorrento Peninsula, one of Italy’s most jaw-dropping destinations.

The Sorrento Peninsula is home to some of Italy’s best sights, tastes, and experiences: sip on authentic limoncello, made from the region’s famous lemons, explore the unique gothic architecture of the ancient towns, or embrace Italy’s cultural and religious significance.

On the southern edge of the peninsula you’ll find the Amalfi coast, where you can relax by the beach, chat with locals in markets and restaurants, or hike the famous “Path of the Gods.” The Amalfi is known for amazing food and gorgeous views: even the pickiest eaters and the most discerning travellers are sure to find something to love about it.

If history’s more your thing, check out the lost city of Pompeii, which sits on the peninsula’s western side. Wander the preserved streets to get a real glimpse of what life in this once-bustling city was like. Hike to the top of Mt. Vesuvius for great views of the ruin, and to see what was lost when this dormant volcano erupted all those years ago.

Looking for relaxation? Few places have you covered better than the Sorrento Peninsula. Take a boat to the seaside towns that dot the coast, indulge in a little retail therapy, or just enjoy the atmosphere of some of Italy’s best beaches.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, getting excited about an upcoming trip, or just daydreaming about pasta and pizza, we hope this video has you ready to experience la dolce vita. We’re sure you’re more than ready to check out the Sorrento Peninsula for yourself, so what are you waiting for?

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