Experience Alberta in Winter

Alberta’s summers treat visitors to glistening lakes, sprawling campsites, and sightings of animals enjoying their natural habitats. But Alberta in the winter is a whole other adventure, and today, you get to be part of that. Join us as we explore this province the way nature intended; in the winter!

The first stop for any winter adventurer aiming to conquer Alberta must be the province’s mountains. Home to the Rocky Mountains, Alberta is a winter spots haven for anyone from beginners to black-diamond experts. Feel the rush of the wind on a ski excursion, or take things a little more slowly and enjoy a leisurely skate on one of the icy lakes Alberta is so famous for.

If you aren’t the athletic type, don’t worry: the views you’ll find here are just as good from inside a cozy local cafe as they are on the slopes!

The adventure never ends in Alberta: experience a slice of history with a dog-sled ride, race through the powder on a snowmobile, or take things at your own pace by exploring stunning national parks such as Jasper and Banff. Alberta’s winters allow you to immerse yourself in icy exploration, delicious seasonal cuisine, and a culture all its own.

Sure, there are plenty of places on earth where you can enjoy a snowy winter season, but few of them are as immense and rugged as an Alberta winter. Isn’t it time to experience it for yourself?

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