OMG! We're adopting a baby!I am beyond excited to share with you guys that Jeremy and I are ADOPTING!!! 

Yep, still #notpreganant. Also, YES, that means there will be TWO ABM babies coming soon. Woooo!!! 

Jeremy and I began the adoption process last summer and it’s not super quick (our program takes an average of 18 months) but, luckily, I already feel like it’s flying by! I answer all the questions about timing, where we are adopting from and fertility on my family blog, The Larson House, in case you are curious. 

After six months of keeping this huge secret, it’s so fun and surreal to finally share with with you all! There are no words to express how excited and overwhelmed with love we feel. It’s the happiest time in my entire life. 

Finding out Laura was expecting was one of the best days I can remember! There are so many things about adoption that are much different than pregnancy, but knowing I get to enter the “new mom” stage of life with her has been immensely comforting and exciting! We have been sending nursery ideas back and forth, talking about strollers and all that fun stuff. It’s so unbelievably exciting! I feel so lucky to share this season with her as well as so many other women I love. 

Here are a bunch of photos we took to announce our new addition. We used some of these for our holiday cards, which went out last week. eeeeek! 

OMG! We're adopting a baby! OMG! We're adopting a baby! OMG! We're adopting a baby! OMG! We're adopting a baby! OMG! We're adopting a baby! OMG! We're adopting a baby! I’ll never forget when we were taking this photo a woman at the park walked by and yelled, “LOOK AT THE BABY BOOTS!!!!” haha! Such a fun moment to share with a kind stranger. 

Ok, one last thing I wanted to share! 

Many of you have asked (for literally years, but also recently in Laura’s pregnancy announcement post) how adding kiddos to our families might change the content of A Beautiful Mess. It’s a very valid question because many of my very favorite blogs have morphed into full-on family blogs (and away from whatever content they focused on before) after a baby has arrived. We get that. 

But it’s important for me to let you know that we feel very strongly that we want to continue blogging primarily about Home Decor, Crafts and Food. I’m not saying we won’t ever include our kiddos, we probably will. And we will absolutely share things like our nursery tours and useful DIY projects in the kiddo category with you here (Laura has an awesome DIY coming up soon for how to make your own maternity jeans). That said, the main theme of this website will not change. We plan to keep doing what we do here. We love what we have created here and we are still 100% passionate about DIY, crafts and recipes! That’s not going to change. 

So for those of you who don’t want this to become a baby blog, you’re in luck- it won’t. And for those of you who want to read about my adoption and baby non-stop, I have already started a family blog for those types of stories. So you can follow that if you would like to! 

Ah! You guys! I could go on all day about how excited I am, but I guess I’ll just leave it at that for now. Thank you so much for sharing my joy!!!! I love you guys more than you even know. xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with the New A Beautiful Actions.