Everyone in the Office Is Talking About “Dynasty Face”

It’s official—it’s not just ‘80s fashion that’s back, the beauty is too. Amidst the glamour of awards season, we’ve spotted a trend emerging in antithesis to the no-makeup selfie movement. We’re coining it “Dynasty face” thanks to the seriously high-society Americana vibes this look gives off. Perfected, poreless skin; overdrawn lips; bold brows and serious amounts of gold accessories means that this is one beauty look where more is definitely more. Scroll down to find out what the global beauty experts from Marc Jacobs Beauty and Nars had to say about the trend.

When it comes to colour, go big. The key to making the look current? “Keep it fresh by picking just one element—eyes, cheeks or lips and go for it,” Richardson told us. “Select a vibrant shade, and apply more than you would normally.”
“Pick a purple,” advises Richardson. “You’ll be surprised how the right shade will work, and if you can find a shimmer or metallic texture, even better.” A pink-toned orchid, like this shade from Nars, is a great place to start and is surprisingly flattering on all skin tones.
Fuchsia is a hue that’s synonymous with the ’80s. Apply it directly from the bullet for full Dynasty face, or pat it on with your fingers for a modern way to wear the shade. “Iconic Nars shades such as Funny Face and Schiap are the fastest way to capture this vibe,” says Richardson.
Dynasty face is all about impactful makeup but Martini recommends opting for a lighter base to help the drama work for real life. “Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation is a great compromise of coverage and a fresh youthful finish,” she said.
Find what works for you by experimenting with contrasting colours on your eyes and lips. The key to success, Martini says, is to ensure the eyes and the lips complement each other and never clash: “If I experiment with a smoky eye and a bold lip, I make sure the eyes are in a softer shade and keep it quite sheer.” Oh, and don’t forget to layer on the mascara for that glamorous finishing touch.
If you’re going for an ’80s-inspired makeup look, the most important thing is to have fun with it. While we’re not suggesting that you reach for a fresh tube of Rimmel’s era-defining Heather Shimmer lipstick, you can experiment with finishes. “Play with blue tones on the eyes and maybe a fun frosty pink lip if you’re feeling bold,” Martini suggests. If you’re not, at least the leopard-print casing will embrace those ’80s vibes for you.