Clean lines and technical details were the dominant trends at EuroCucina 2018 at Salone del Mobile in Milan. The show’s focus on the kitchen highlighted ways that technology can make the functioning of this important hub of the home more efficient and attractive. Customization and catering to a family’s particular lifestyle and desires remains key in creating a kitchen that feels luxurious, no matter what the style. Homedit’s Stefan Gheorghe was in Milan to bring you the latest trends and newest designs for the kitchen.

EuroCucina 2018

LED lighting highlights the unique silhouette of the island base.
The lighted element is present on both sides of the island.

In a beautiful fusion of form and function, Snaidero’s Vision by Pininfarina Design is a futuristic and modern shape for a kitchen. The fluid curve of the island’s base is highlighted with a silicone LED strip, accenting the shape and adding a high-style element. The finish on the surfaces is also a new and revolutionary metalescent lacquer, that not only enhances the visual appeal of the kitchen, but also allows the designers to bend the metal into all kinds of three-dimensional shapes. The elegant surface comes from four coats of special finish. The overall effect is one of flow and motion, modernity and balance.

Open shelving and a cooking peninsula are great n a social kitchen.
An extension allows friends to sit on either side and chat with the cook or help out.
Lighted cabinets with glass fronts provide extra ambiance.
Lots of open space in the work area adds to the social element.

We already know that family and guests love to gather in the kitchen, so Scavolini is capitalizing on this to make your kitchen even more adaptable for socializing. The well-known Italian kitchen company presented the Diesel Social Kitchen, where you can cook for your family while enjoying their company at the same time. As socializing has become more informal, it increases the functionality of a space when you can comfortably accommodate guests. Bringing family and friends into the kitchen also ups the desire to have a space that is really attractive and comfortable, as well as functional.

A mirrored island reflects the surfaces around it, enhancing the space.
Gray and glass accents lighten the feel of a kitchen.

Along the same lines, Nolte presented the neo Salon kitchen that has the feeling of a modern lounge, making it a natural for socializing. The mirrored island is an immediate focal point for the space, and it reflects the other surfaces in the kitchen, magnifying the character of the space. Whether the space is filled with light from copious windows, rife with drama from modern elements, or bursting with greenery and natural wood, the reflective base will elevate the feeling to a whole new level.  A second style makes use of an innovative glass base for both an island extension as well as a table base, which helps make the gray top seem to float in both cases. The matte surface and neutral gray finish are a pleasing and versatile choice for a countertop, and it serves as an understated accent.

A large island is family friendly and a cook’s dream.
Stone counters and backsplashes are stylish and easy to clean.
Modern sink areas now include special features.
An industrial hood makes a nice accent in a contemporary kitchen.

Streamlined, yet homey and functional, this kitchen from Stosa is focused on design, innovation, ergonomics and sustainability. The company has invested in research and development to create kitchen environments that are superior in all four of these areas. This one features not only a clean visual and the latest technologies, but also design innovations that make it a cook’s dream. The surfaces and finishes form a neutral space that is family friendly and easy to clean.  A spacious layout and wide island also makes it perfect for entertaining.

A curved shape elevates the workspace.
The same accent lines from the mirrored backsplash are repeated on the cabinets.
The mirrored backsplash is a luxury kitchen element.

In a stylish departure from all the angular, modern lines being presented, Aran Cucine showed this wonderful luxury kitchen design that features mirrored backsplashes and cabinets and counters that have an alluring curve. Rather than relegating the sink and the cooktop to a linear back counter, these luxury elements help the curve elevate the working parts of the kitchen to a highlight instead of something to be minimized. The curving section also echoes the silhouette of the massive kitchen island and the elegant grid on the mirrored backsplash is a lovely kitchen detail.

This free-standing island contains all the necessary kitchen elements.

Aran’s biggest draw at Eurocucina was this kitchen island, called OASI, which makes nature the central element by featuring a living tree. Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the island is both a dining table and fully functional kitchen block that has all the working elements a kitchen needs. The functions of storing food, washing, prepping, cooking, serving, eating and recycling are all contained in this island. The tree is a natural representation of the full life cycle of cooking and eating that is housed in this innovative element.

Luxurious design is combined with the latest technology.
A professional style kitchen still features all the hallmark detailing.
Understated color and metal choices make it sleeker.
Traditional copper accents are still classic and popular.

The epitome of luxury kitchen design and professional cooking is melded in Officine Gullo’s offerings. The Florence-based high-end kitchen purveyor presented its version of a modern kitchen that still features the artisanal details that made the brand famous. Detailed metal work and exacting construction are the luxury facade, behind which lies the latest in cooking technologies. The fully custom kitchen company allows for selecting details as well as cooking components like induction cooktops and built-in fryers. The look is upscale and traditional, while the function is fully modern.

An unexpected shape and metal accents distinguish this island.
Two levels and the geometric shape make the island more interesting.
Open shelving on the backsplash is very functional, especially with under lighting.
Burners sit right on the countertop, creating a continuous, unbroken look for the surface.

TM Italia’s new kitchen called Petra, is more like a culinary temple made of travertine, corten steel, and select woods. The modern, angular design is the work of the female design duo of Bernhardt&Vella. Bronze metal accents the materials used on the shelves, doors and counter. Backlighting accents the wall of shelving above the sink area while the rest of the kitchen elements are hidden behind tall doors, which help put the focus on the open shelving. The highlight, however, is the Nero Marquinia stone topped-island, with its asymmetrical, yet geometric shape.

This design is nautically inspired.
This cabinetry extends above the frame along the island and on the top cabinets.

The company’s D90+ kitchen has an entirely different look, with its minimalist aesthetic. Said to be inspired by the nautical world, it’s lines are very compact and feature doors that extend 20 mm above the surface of the countertop as well as the top cabinetry base. This design is meant to evoke a feeling of suspension, highlighting solids and voids. The main cooking island is accented by a unique pass-through compartment which allows the cook to access the contents from either side. This is element is extra functional as well as a design highlight.

The juxtaposition of stone and warm wood is very attractive.

Sometimes a small tweak can great increase the usefulness of a traditional item, and we love how these Leicht cabinets pull out instead of opening in the traditional way. The Topos/Stone cabinetry is very attractive thanks to the rich contrast between the materials. A modern stone finish is tempered by the warmth of the wood featured in the open display columns. The glow of the wood is further enhanced by the lighting that is incorporated in the shelving.

The lighted inside the units is very helpful.
The work surface is accessible even when the panel is closed.
All the utensils and appliances can be hidden behind the glass panel.

Fans of minimalist kitchens will love the V-Motion kitchen from Valcucine. With the wave of your hand, the sleek glass wall rises to reveal all the cooking necessities including the kitchen faucet and electronic tablet station. Sophisticated backlighting — which comes in a number of colors to suit your mood — comes to life as the door rises and illuminates all the contents.  Best of all, when the wall is down, the workspace in front is still accessible, making the area extra functional. It’s the epitome of a hidden kitchen.

A large island with an equally large extension are great for entertaining.

For many, true luxury in the kitchen means having plenty of space for prepping and entertaining, and this massive kitchen island by EuroMobil certainly fits the bill. The large, central stone-topped island features a sink and induction cooktop at one end. At the other end, a large wooden extension is perfect for dining or serving. For those who love to entertain in the kitchen and have guests be hands=on participants, this is ideal. Can you imagine the pizza parties you could have here?

Backsplash storage comes in many forms and materials.
Open shelving is good for backsplash storage away from the sink or cooktop.

Kitchen backsplashes are increasingly being used as stylish storage areas and this trend was common at Eurocucina, especially in these designs from Veneta Cucina. Whether the kitchen is big or small, this particular space can have other uses without sacrificing its original purpose. By using Two different materials, it’s possible to delineate the functions. Or, using a material like stainless steel lets you have storage containers or hooks and rails. Open shelving is another option and under lighting can keep the are from becoming too dark and affecting the nearby work surface.

Stainless steel and granite go well together.
Integrated countertops and backsplashes make for a seamless look.
Pocket doors are a lower-tech way to achieve a hidden kitchen.

Another method for hiding away certain elements of the kitchen that you don’t want on display all the time is by incorporating pocket doors. These cabinets from Maistri let you have all the necessary functions, along with the ability to close the doors when guests arrive. Plenty of lighting inside the cubicles makes working easy. These pocket doors could be the basis for an invisible kitchen, or can be used in combination with open shelving and traditional kitchen arrangements as shown in this design.

A novel shape and beautiful wood craftsmanship make the island a work of art.

Island extensions are great additions but if you’re not into lots of angles, this leaf-shaped style from Bamax is a great choice. It offers and the functions of a regular island extension but with the added style of a novel shape and stunning wood grain that enhances the leaf-like shape. The wood and rounded lines are a wonderful way to soften an otherwise angular kitchen design. Low stools with leather seats are the perfect way to add seating without detracting from the beauty of the extension.

Pocket doors can be used across the entire kitchen.
Hiding all the elements, or just a few, can change the style of a kitchen.
Versatile kitchen space is invaluable for families.

Another design that makes use of pocket doors is by Biefbi. This design is perfect for a family kitchen because while the cooktop and sink are in the island for open access at any time, the rest of the working elements and appliances can be hidden behind the secretive doors. When cooking, you can leave them open, revealing everything you might need, but then you can close them before guests arrive, presenting a sleek and clean look. It’s the best of both the working and hidden kitchen styles.

A futuristic shape makes this island a statement element.
A faceted front in two tones adds dimension to the island.

Known for its contemporary kitchen designs, ELAM did not disappoint, presenting this standout kitchen island design that features geometric shapes. Both the overall shape of the island — which artfully melds a curving silhouette with angular elements — and the faceted base are distinctive. The materials feature a mix of tones that highlight the shape and the inclusion of sleek cooking elements keeps the overall vibe very modern.

Bold color options are a new choice from Toncelli.

From previous editions of Eurocucine, we have shown you Toncelli’s stunning hidden and eminently organized Systema kitchens that are done in gorgeous natural wood tones. this year, we bring you a colorful, more contemporary style form the company the features this turquoise colored option for homeowners who want a bolder look. It includes the luxury kitchen elements you expect from Toncelli, all wrapped in new shades for a distinctive kitchen.

Sleek, shiny surfaces are common in modern kitchens.

For a very sleek luxury kitchen, this option from Molteni is a prime choice. The combination of stone countertops, smooth and shiny handle-less cabinetry and plenty of glass are a classic combination for a stylish modern kitchen. The neutral tones make it versatile and sophisticated. Lighting that is incorporated into the shelving and the cabinets, in addition to any lighting from overhead, are a luxurious detail that is important in a kitchen.

Traditional range styles work in contemporary spaces.
Distinctive color choices elevate a kitchen’s design.
A gray finish makes it say to meld La Cornue’s style with a modern island.
This is a classic design that is very versatile.

Long an icon representing quality and the glory of French food and cooking, La Cornue has managed to combine a storied history with new cooking technology into a luxurious kitchen package. From stainless steel to its distinctive range of colors, these kitchens from La Cornue feature the traditional knobs and hardware with more modern kitchen elements, such as disappearing ventilation units and modern sinks and islands. Even industrial style kitchen hoods can be combined with these cooking units, not just the traditional chateau-shaped vent hoods.

A mix of styles are present in these elements, but they all work together.
The style of the island base is echoed in the glass cabinetry.
A floating countertop holds the major kitchen elements with style.
Concrete and wood are a modern combination for a kitchen that still needs some warmth.
White kitchens are not boring when they have the luxury details like metal accents.
A modern island links together several shapes and many functions.
Stylish and understated, this kitchen features a modern mix of materials.
A traditional design can also incorporate more modern elements, like the lighting in the cabinets.
A farmhouse sink gets the mega treatment in this extra functional trough-style design.
Designer collaborations can highlight your kitchen, like these appliances from SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana.

A marriage made in kitchen heaven, the collaboration between luxury fashion house Dolce and Gabbana and SMEG has yielded kitchen elements that are as much art as they are appliances. Building on the partnership of the past few years, the company has added more refrigerator designs along with range hoods and small kitchen appliances, All feature the bright and sunny designs of Dolce and Gabbana on the classic SMEG products. This is wonderful way to add a bright art statement to a luxury kitchen.

Colorful appliances are a bold kitchen statement.

For those who like their bold colors in the solid form, SMEG’s Portofino line of ranges features all the colors of a Mediterranean harbor at sunset. Stainless steel accents the brightly hued appliances, which can fit into a space between counter or stand alone, exposing the closed sides. Whether paired with the colored vents – which we love — or a more traditional stainless steel vent, they are indeed a kitchen statement.

The future of the kitchen holds more technology than ever,

Techies will love the Franke Chef Center, which can go from cooking station to entertaining hub in no time. The seemingly ordinary kitchen island can keep your coffee warm, show your smartphone messages or a cooking video, and cook your dinner, all in the same place. A Cloud Hood makes it possible to control the entire kitchen from lighting to automated cooking programs and preprogrammed ventilations settings. This — or at least elements contained within it — is a harbinger of what the kitchen of the future will likely include. But, of course, you can have it now.

Disappearing ventilation is wonderful for modern or small kitchens.

One of the best elements that would have seemed very futuristic a decade ago is the disappearing kitchen vent. This design from Aran Cucine shows how unobtrusive venting can be. This is an especially good choice for a sleek kitchen where unbroken sightlines and a minimalist aesthetic call for these types of elements. Small kitchens can really benefit from these vents too, because they don’t take up valuable overhead space that could be otherwise filled with cabinets or shelving.

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