Hello friends! Today I am excited to share some of my favorite diffuser blends with you! I diffuse oils every single day in our home. At the risk of sounding crazy, we have diffusers in our entryway, every bedroom, my office and our living room (this is my favorite affordable diffuser).

I rarely burn candles anymore because I avoid synthetic fragrances (although I had found some options that are naturally scented for special occasions) and essential oils have so many benefits. So I fully embraced them as an alternative to candles.

Here are a few of my go-to blends that I use often! And all my oils are from Oui Fresh, of course! The little sticker labels that go on top come with any oil purchase of $50 or more, or you can buy them separate.

Sleep Blend 
Many people try essential oils for the first time during a bout of insomnia—I was one of them! A good sleep blend is the perfect gateway into EOs. Diffusing pure Lavender on its own is a great option. I love adding Fir Needle and Palo Santo to my sleep blend as well.

Herbal Blend 
I still use this blend for sleep, but it’s more intense. I love the herbal fragrance. It’s also great for daytime. Try this one and let me know what you think. It’s kind of a wildcard, but I’m obsessed. Rosemary is a great oil for headaches and Eucalyptus is great for respiratory concerns.

Work Blend
I love diffusing something happy in my office. Peppermint mixed with citrus is a big win for me! It’s so refreshing!

Home Blend
I care a lot about what we diffuse in our entryway and living room because it’s a part of the first impression of our home. Lemongrass and Fir Needle are two of my favorite oils individually and they mix so well with Grapefruit. It’s fresh and clean, but the Fir Needle grounds the scent so it’s not too fruity.

Cleanse Blend
Palo Santo is my favorite oil for cleansing and stress relief, but it’s not my favorite scent alone (it smells kind of like leather) so I like to mix it with citrus and mint. Lemon is my favorite cleaning oil. Try this combination next time you have a big cleaning marathon. And definitely diffuse Palo Santo anytime you want a fresh start!

Happy Blend
Sometimes you just want a pleasant, nice diffuser blend. Nothing too crazy. This is a go-to for good vibes and a positive attitude!

I hope this was helpful to you! Essential oils are such a fun hobby for me and I love sharing them with you. Let me know if you have any blends you love! Also, if you are new to essential oils, check out our Frequently Asked Questions about oils, but you are welcome to leave any questions in the comments below as well. xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photos edited with A Design Kit App.



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