This episode is special because we tell the stories of building our app company from the ground up over the past eight or so years! We talk a lot about our first app and how we built it with no experience because we truly hope it will inspire some of you to try something scary in the future. That said, we’ve accumulated a good bit of experience 6-10 apps later (it depends how you count them!) and we’re excited to share our journey with you in this episode!

Show notes:
-We talk about pre-Internet life. We’re among the last generation of people who remember a totally unplugged childhood. We both grew up with no home Internet and no smartphones, which is so crazy to think about now. We each once took a cross-country road trip with paper maps—so weird!

Links to our apps …

A Beautiful Mess App
Our first app! You can read about our first app launch here. You can also read our first reflective post about our app business journey here. This app is now retired, but it was a huge turning point in our business and a highlight of our lives … and a great story. We’re so thankful we took the leap.

Party Party App 
Our second app. You can read about it here.

A Color Story App 
A Color Story is probably what we are best known for and has been our most successful app with more than 13 million installs currently. We started it to bring something fresh and clean to the photo app space and over time it evolved into a full editing suite that caters to a lot of different styles and creative directions. We collaborate with influencers often to bring their unique edit styles to our audience in packs.

We have a bunch of great tutorials for A Color Story here.

A Design Kit 
We talk in the episode about how A Design Kit was meant to be a replacement for our original ABM app when it became an “elderly app.” It is a replacement, but it’s also so much more. The brushes and collage elements are some of my favorite out there!

Filmm App 
Filmm is our newest app, which launched earlier this year. Filmm is a video app that launched as a video filter and effects app, but is quickly evolving into a full video editing suite. We’re so proud of it and as we hinted at in the episode it has some amazing new features launching soon.

Previous to this app, Emma and I had never had a partner as a founder, but for Filmm and for Template (below) we partnered with Zoë Sugg of Zoella (she’s also very well known for her YouTube channel). She’s been an amazing partner as we navigated our first video app! We gush about her quite a bit in the episode, so I’ll stop gushing for now.

OK, so I had to go back and record a disclaimer since we talked rather confidently about how Template would for sure be out before this episode went up. Well … we recorded this episode about a month ago and we were wrong. It’s pretty normal for an app to be delayed a few weeks, and we’re excited to (HOPEFULLY) launch it this month.

I will say, I have NEVER been this excited about an app. I have all the butterflies of our first app all over again, and it’s going to be VERY exciting to see you all using it soon!

Follow Template on IG for the best peeks!

Before I move on from apps, I just want to acknowledge that YES it feels weird to talk about our successes so openly. For years, we sort of tried to minimize that part of it because it felt like bragging. But on the flip side, we are experiencing so much freedom on our new platform via the podcast. And to be honest, it feels really good to be super open about all kinds of different topics. We really feel like it’s worth it (but still please don’t leave us mean comments, OK, PLEASE). ?

OK … moving on to the other segments! 

Elf on the Shelf was invented in 2005 by a mother and daughter (AWW!!) you can read all about it here. We LOVE Elf on the Shelf in our home … like SO much.

You can watch some “Celebrities read mean tweets” here. I love this segment—good job, Jimmy Kimmel.

Haha—and if you want to see my modern farmhouse table DIY, here’s the link. I actually got ANOTHER almost identical comment yesterday here. Fun fun!

Thank you SO MUCH for listening to our podcast!! If you want to support us, could you please post about your favorite episode on IG this week?? That would mean so much to us! We are still VERY much in the experimental/learning/growing stage, and your support really means a lot to us!

Love you! Elsie + Emma