Hello friends! This week, we have a BIG announcement! I (Elsie) have found our forever home and we will be remodeling it and moving soon. You’ll get the full story and lots of details in this episode!

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Show notes:
-I am SO excited to share our new home with you today in our first episode of the year. As many of you know, we have been house shopping in the Nashville area on and off for the past year. I talked more about our initial house shopping in Episode 2.

It was quite a journey this time because we really wanted to find something that checked a LOT of boxes that we could settle into and improve over time. We are considering this our forever home, or forever-ish, more accurately! What I mean by that is that we have no intention of selling this home and it is not a stair-step to another home; it’s a home we can see ourselves living in, well, forever. But I’m also super uncomfortable with the term “forever” since we all know life is unpredictable. Still, it feels great to begin renovating a home we have no plans of leaving.

First of all, I’d love to share a few photos of our new home with you!

Here are a few peeks into our 1965 home. We made sure to take “before” photos of every room when we closed, and I’m so glad we didn’t wait too long because the basement was demo’ed two days later!

As you can see from the photos above, our home has a super ’60s exterior and we’re excited to lean into that style as we renovate the home. You all know I have a deep love for retro homes, but I had my heart set on a historic home in Nashville. However, after looking at so many, my husband confessed that he was more into mid-century homes. That was a defining moment for me and made my choice so much easier since I truly love both types of homes!

-Here is the home I mentioned with the angel murals. It’s the same one as the dead squirrel pool, but I will spare you of that! (We have like 100 silly photos like this—gonna make a coffee table book, haha)

Timeline and phase one plans- 
We closed on this home in December and are currently working on a phase one renovation before we move in early March. Phase one includes redoing all the floors in the home (refinishing some wood and adding some wood floors and new stairs), building Jeremy’s studio out in our basement, painting a lot of white walls, and decorating the girls’ bedrooms so they can have some comforts and exciting memories when we move in.

Phase two and three plans- 
Phase two will be the rest of this year and into 2021. It includes decorating one room at a time. I want to fully enjoy the renovation experience and really soak in every bit of it. So no rushing!

Phase three will include an addition to the home where we plan to add two bedrooms, a dream kitchen and a living space. It will also include a backyard renovation with a large deck with a hot tub and possibly a swimming pool. Phase three will begin as soon as we have design, permits and savings in place (so not sure when, but we’re not in a rush). We’re very much in the dreaming phase for this part of our renovation right now.

-Do you like the analogy of dating being the same as house shopping? It feels so similar to me. Haha!

Listener question: Tips for staying on task and being productive as a business owner.

-Make a list and prioritize your “must do” list and your “want to do” list.

-Figure out what time of day you are productive and work then.

-Find tools or systems to stay on track and stay organized. Whatever works for you is great!

The Now Habit <– read this book!

Smart Passive Income Podcast (and here’s the episode we were on)

-The Food Blogger Pro Podcast 

-Build a schedule where you know when it’s time to batch work and when it’s OK to organize or even do something fun as a treat! I schedule every Friday as an overflow day and it has changed my workweek for the better. If you work from home, cleaning up your workspace IS important work.

OK! So I am doing a Q+A post coming up regarding our new home/move, so if you have a question, leave it for me in the comments!

Happy Monday! Elsie + Emma


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