Happy Monday! It’s our last episode of 2019 and we want to say the BIGGEST thank you! 2019 was such a fulfilling year for us and we’re so glad we finally took the leap to start this podcast. Thank you to the over 500 of you who have taken the time to leave us a review! We appreciate you!

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Show Notes:

Are you more of an Emma or more of an Elsie when it comes to New Year’s goals? Do you prefer one big goal or a new small goal each season?

Music jar

-Here’s the first post I did about our music jar goal last year.

-Here’s the full list of bands in the Larson’s 2019 music jar.

-To see our daughter, Nova, answering a quiz about music look at Jeremy’s IG story highlight “Q+A”
Used clothing challenge
-Here’s the first post where I outlined my goals and “rules” for the challenge.
-And here is update one, two, three and four that I shared throughout the year.
-I loved using Poshmark. Use the code ELSIELARSON for $10 off your first order.
-Do you have any suggestions for a baking course Emma should take?
-Do you have any suggestions for how I should format my one photo a day challenge?
Wireless memory card (to sync your DSLR to your phone for quick editing)

Thank you for an incredible first podcast year!!! In all our years of blogging, we have never felt so connected to our audience. It’s been so special! We’re excited for 2020 … lots of good episodes planned! xx- Elsie


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