Sheri Haby Architects recently completed renovations at Gable House, a charming Edwardian timber cottage in Sandringham, Norfolk, England. A previously built addition to Gable House incorporated the main bedroom, kitchen and dining area, however, this extension was poorly organized.

“Our client didn’t need a bigger house, just one that worked better,” the architects said. “Our design direction was to provide a spacious, light-filled, open plan area at the back of the home that better connected to the back yard, and corrected the lack of privacy between the main bedroom and the living area.”

The home’s original Edwardian architecture at the front of the home, which incorporates three bedrooms, a dining area, and a hallway, was retained. The bathroom and laundry were refurbished to include a separate powder room.

In order to maximize garden space, the architects chose to build the extension at the rear of the house. The indoor-outdoor interplay is one of the powerful benefits of the redesign.

“The kitchen and living area were flipped to connect the kitchen with a new outside deck, while the lofty gable roof form was extended over the deck as a timber pergola,” the designer said. “When the glazed, sliding stacking doors are open, the whole addition becomes an outdoor space.”


Information provided by Sheri Haby Architects. Photography courtesy of Lisbeth Grosmann.

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