Huh what? That probably could have been your reaction on reading the title, but be patient and we will give you more information and you will soon be nodding your head in agreement (at least we hope so). Well, in this article we are going to be talking about eyelet dresses or outfits. First of all, let us tell you what an eyelet is; an eyelet is a small hole that is created in the fabric and the edges of which are sewn to form a design. A series of eyelets tend to take on the look of lace. Yes, lace can also create a similar effect but lace is delicate and more expensive and need not always create this peekaboo effect. What is more, you will never feel conscious about wearing an eyelet dress, top or skirt on a casual occasion like lace would. If you can create the same effect as absolutely feminine and delicate eyelash lace dress without actually wearing one, then why not go for it?






You can get stylish lace up outfits that are in trend done in eyelet fabric for a scintillating effect. By now you must have taken a peek or two at the images of enchanting eyelet dresses that we have given along with this article. Even then we want to tell you that eyelet works in most outfits, even skirts. If you want to imagine the kind of look we are talking about, then just think about ethereal and lovely lace skirts for that light and free feeling and you will know where we are going with this.






Why the eyelet dress is so enchanting:

It is classy but also sexy: Okay, let us face it, rarely are the words classy and sexy used in the same sentence when it comes to women’s dresses. This could be all in our mind but we often see classy as something that is quietly elegant and very proper and sexy as well sexy and revealing. But where the eyelet dress takes the cake is it suggests a bit of flesh show in small glances without going full on revealing. As you may have surmised, the first part alludes to the sexy effect and the second to classy.






Great for summer days: On summer days, one would think that wearing a pair of shorts or a really short skirt would be the way to go and it is to a large extent. But once in a while, you want to be cool and comfortable but also look like an elegant lady who oozes femininity. And for such days, the eyelet dress is the best wardrobe option to go with. The eyelets will ensure that you get enough air circulation and the dress will look and feel cool.






Layered effect made easy: Sometimes you want to dress in layers, especially on those days when you feel a bit bloated and bulky but do not want to overdo it and end up looking too big. For such days, a skin tight camisole with a eyelet top or dress thrown on top will create a subtle layered effect making your silhouette look a bit more vague but also remain flattering at the same time.

eyelet-dresses-24   eyelet-dresses-21



Another special characteristic of the eyelet dress is that it works on girls of all ages, which means that a toddler would look cute in this dress as well as a woman in a more mature stage of life. Since it carries a certain innocence, the eyelet dress really works on most age ranges but also is versatile enough to be tweaked into sensual or sexy.

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