Applique – the word has an old fashioned and almost vintage sound to it and this might as well be the truth. But having said that, applique is an enchanting and endearing touch to add to any dress to make it more attractive and unique. Today, if you go out to buy dresses in general, you will find that applique is used extensively in clothing for children and it looks great too. The use of cloth designs cut out and stitched on another cloth is a cute option when you want interesting and suitably childish designs on the frocks of little girls. But the use of applique need not be restricted to clothing for little girls and can be used wisely on clothing for grownups too. For instance, the look of a flowing dress can be enhanced by stitching on appliqued designs on to the cloth. It can be a way to get the tremendous appeal of two tone dresses.





In case you feel that only genteel dresses with a feminine appeal have applique, then think again. The fact is streetstyle denim jacket outfits can also have applique on them either to make it look distinctive and quirky or just to patch up a bit that has become too frayed. In any case, the use of applique need not necessarily be cute and feminine and can be used to pack a distinctive punch that shows your individuality. But on the other hand, you can also create the kind of impact that detailed embroidered dresses to look classic every time create if that is what you want.





Here are some aspects that you need to know about applique dresses:

It is easier to do than embroidery: Embroidery is a skill that you will need to master by learning the different kinds of stitches and doing them well on the cloth that you want the design on. Applique is a matter of cutting patterns out of the colors and designs you want, placing them on another cloth and sewing them on neatly which is easier to do than embroidery. It can also be relatively more economical to do.





It still has to be neat: While we have said that applique designs can be easier than embroidery, the fact is that you cannot afford to do it in a clumsy manner. You have to ensure that the bit of stitching or sticking that you do while doing applique is neat and clean. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the applique work would not look as appealing as you want it to.





It is a great way to reuse old favorites: Applique is also another way to ensure that your old favorites in terms of dresses can live on in a new avatar. For instance, if you have an old dress that has embroidery or a particular design at the neck, pocket, sleeve or border that you are particularly fond of, you can cut out that bit and use it as an applique patch on another dress. This is a good way to ensure that your old favorites live on in a new outfit and this also adds to the appeal of the new dress.





It can be simple or really elaborate: If you have come to the conclusion that applique is merely patchwork, that is not true. In fact, applique work has been known to be done on elaborate and dressy outfits like ballgowns or wedding dresses too. In fact, many designers tend to use applique to add rich and colorful touches to couture.





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