Enchanted Moody Halloween Wedding Shoot

Today we are sharing one more adorable Halloween wedding shoot that has recently taken place. This dark and mysterious Halloween inspiration of Gallivan Photo sent over a gothic, chic, and contemporary wedding shoot with Summer Robbins Flowers set in Boyd Cave in Bend, OR.

This shoot was done chic or a little nerdy. They managed to create something that was dripping with a gothic theme but didn’t veer into campiness, while also being a showcase for contemporary wedding style.

The shoot was set in Boyd Cave and a nearby patch of forest. The photographers couldn’t get enough of the moody light combined with the contrasting deep and soft colors of the fashion and florals. Summer Robbins Flowers softened the dark palette with pinks and ivory in the floral arrangements, and they chose white and gold pieces from Peanut’s Gallery to really make the gown pop. The bride was also wearing a black veil and there’s a shot with bird masks for both, looking mysterious and a bit scary.

Skulls, candles, moody florals and drinks with a smoke looked really enchanting. The set was made of a refined antique sofa, coffee table and an industrial shabby chic table. Look at the cake – it perfectly fits the theme and looks very moody, textural and unique. It’s decorated with the same florals as the bouquet and with an animal skull, of course, an artificial one.

This shoot is a great inspirational one for those wwho want a Halloween wedding with style, and so that it looked a bit nerdy and boho at the same time.

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