Encaved Stone Villa designed by Tsolakis Architects is a modern Mediterranean house located on the island of Antiparos, in Greece.


The project refers to a vacation house that is developed in multiple levels, on a steep slope on the island of Antiparos. Οriented towards the East, the plot offers a direct view of the island of Paros, as well as visibility to the islands of Cyclades nearby.

The main idea is to integrate the building into the landscape. The variant volumes in combination with the subterranean parts of the house correspond to the concept of embracing the rocky topography into the new design. Thus, the fragments οf the architectural proposal create a mild architectural intervention, emphasizing the transformation of the terrain.

The design emphasizes the coexistence of the multiple functions of the complex. Αn open-air corridor segregates the public spaces (living and dining areas) from the private ones (sleeping areas). In addition, the private zones are placed on the lower level adjacent to the main private pool of the summer house. Auxiliary spaces, as well as purveyance, are serviced by an individual elevator.

Large open-air relaxation areas encircle the building complex, giving space to the unfolding of the outdoor daily life of a Cycladic country house. The use of local materials contributes to the integration of built structures with the environment, as well as a symbiotic practice between the indigenous construction techniques of the past and the contemporary sustainable construction processes.

The facades are formed with local stone as well as the lintels and pergolas are made of chestnut and wicker timber. The interior of the subterranean buildings is illuminated by elongated slits on the ground, which create a scenographic atmosphere on the inside. Elements of transmittance and focal points are highlighted by the contiguous engravings and the footpaths into the architectural complex while guiding the dweller to the swimming areas.

Photography by G. Messaritakis

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