Hi, friends! Thought it might be fun to share what makeup (and a few skin care items) I use everyday. If you have been reading this blog for very long, you probably have noticed that clean/natural products are important to us. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been transitioning to mostly (almost all, really) natural beauty products, including makeup and skin care. I’m gonna share every product I currently use and I’ve also made a little video where you can see me put my makeup on. Ha. Note I am certainly not a makeup artist, but I am overall really happy with my routine right now and I’m glad it fits my lifestyle (meaning it only takes about 10 minutes or less to do).

Also, maybe I should explain what I mean by everyday makeup. To be fair, I don’t actually wear makeup every single day. I probably do about 80-85% of the time, but there are plenty of days I don’t wear anything other than maybe some Chapstick. By everyday makeup, I mean this is what I wear normally when I do put some on. It’s not a glammed up date night look. For me, my main goals are to even out my skin and try to highlight my favorite feature—my eyes.

Skin Care-

I currently use Juice Beauty moisturizer everyday after I wash my face in the morning, even if I am not planning to wear makeup. I love the smell and it’s nice and light for under makeup or on its own (doesn’t feel like a face oil, which I use at night). I also swipe a little Juice Beauty lip moisturizer on my lips, again, no matter if I plan to add lipstick later or not. In the summer, I tend to add a primer with sunscreen to my routine and I like Coola mineral primer.


I use Crunchi foundation in Light 02 all over my face and neck. Not necessarily trying to cover every inch, but just trying to even out my skin tone. Then I do a little contouring using Vapour Beauty Foundation in 090 (the lightest option since I use it more as a highlighter) and W3ll People Bio bronzer stick. After that, I’ll add a little highlight to my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, forehead, and inner eyes with a Pink House Glow Stick in Champagne. I love their glow sticks and have them in a bunch of different colors.


I don’t do a super strong brow, but I do like to fill mine in as they can be pretty spotty. I’m currently loving Amaterasu liquid brow liner. It’s SO easy to use, almost like a water color brush. You really can’t mess it up (which I like). My favorite eyeliner is Kat Von D eyeliner and I use quite a few different mascaras but currently I am using Rejuva Minerals Mega Lash.

I change up my eye shadow a lot, I must admit. But currently, I use a combination of HAN shadow, Crunchi shadow, and Alima Pure shadow. I sort of love mixing different eyeshadows and playing with them in my routine—it’s fun to blend different ones to achieve slightly different looks.


I have few different cheek colors, but for my everyday look I love 100% Pure Blush in Peppermint Candy.


The items you see in the photo above are not things I use all together. I will sometimes use a light lipstick or pen like Juice Beauty lip crayon. And other times I’ll stick to just a gloss like Oui Fresh lipgloss or One Over One lip oil.

Last, I use a setting spray, and I currently love Coola’s makeup setting spray which also contains SPF 30. Since I’m not using a primer with sunscreen this time of year, I like that this setting spray does double duty and protects my skin, in addition to keeping my makeup in place.

That’s it! Super quick and simple. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photos: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Video and Music: Jeremy Larson.