Elysium Collection Villas is a luxury resort located in Arnados, on the Greek island of Tinos. It has been recently designed by Lefteris Tsikandilakis.


The implementation in the landscape, the construction with the use of the local land, and the minimal intervention in the plot, are some of the key elements that characterize our new project. Elysium Collection Villas combine both luxury and the immediate connection with nature. They are located in Agia Pelagia in Heraklion Crete and consist of 5 caved villas with private pools.

A horizontal slot, creates a void in the natural formations of the land and orients the complex towards the view. Moreover, the organic form of the terrain is preserved with the restoration of the existing topography. An artificial cave is then carved, a space below the ground level, that closely communicates with the earth while at the same time being protected from it.

The entrance for the two side villas is formed through two paths that run along the edges of the plot, while the remaining three are served with separate external stairs & elevators, thus achieving maximum privacy in the access. In that way, an unobstructed sea view for all the villas is achieved.

Despite its consistent façade, each house is separated and secluded with the placement of vertical elements that define the individual courtyards. Moreover, the 2m withdrawal that takes place in the back of each house allows for natural ventilation and lighting on both levels. At the same time, it creates a quiet corner in the house, ideal for moments of serenity and relaxation.

The materials and furniture that have been used in the exterior space, are totally compatible with the local terrain. Stone, wood, earthy tones, vegetation and smells that thrive in the area, compose a harmonious landscape that corresponds to the one in Crete. Following the
exterior, the interior continues in the same style and materiality with the addition of a unique sense of luxury. The complex consists of facilities that allow it to be hospitable all year round, with the views towards the sea and the pools to transform it to an ideal summer
resort, whereas the interior decoration indicates a cozy atmosphere for winter holidays. The individual courtyards that are formed on the east side of the plot, expand in two levels, creating a dining area on the first one as you walk out of the house, and a more private one
on a lower level with a living area by the infinity pool. Finally, on the northeast side of the plot, we find a belvedere, a magic spot where the visitor can enjoy an unobstructed view towards all levels.

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