As many of you already know, my husband and I are in the middle of a challenging waiting period for our adoption right now. I have no doubt that it will all be worth it soon, but the day-to-day can be discouraging. Some days are better than others, but one of the big helps we have found is staying busy and creatively challenged in our careers.

Well, this summer is off to an AMAZING start in that department! We have a huge product launch for fall that I can’t share just yet (it’s one of the most exciting things we have ever worked on). In addition, we are finally taking the dive into short-term rental properties — this being the first one!

This house is in East Nashville, near a bunch of our favorite spots. This summer, we’ll be giving it a makeover and sharing the process with you here!

The two big differences between this house and my personal house (which I am still not done touring here) is that this home is not mid-century (it was built in the 1930s), so I’m not going to lean heavily on that style. Also just for this ONE house, I have banned myself from using pink. I will always love pink, but I think this is a great time to try other colors. When we were house shopping, Jeremy challenged me to lean more into a “Nashville” style for this home. (In his words, “Nashville doesn’t need another Palm Springs house.” Haha!)

I’ll share my plans for the color theme soon … it’s inspired by one of my favorite movies!

But first, I just wanted to pop in and share a few of the “before” photos.

The exterior is mostly brick with some white siding on the back. I am considering painting the exterior, if budget allows, but would you go light or dark with it?

The front porch is too cute, but the concrete is badly damaged. I am thinking of adding outdoor tile after it is repaired.

Here’s the kitchen. I am stepping outside my normal “box” in so many ways with this house. For the kitchen, it’s not going to have open shelving, which is my typical go-to.

It’s not going to be all white either (but still plenty of white!!!!).

Beside the kitchen, there is a small breakfast nook area. One of the first big projects Collin will be working on next week is built-in benches and a table for this little nook.

Here’s the living room. It’s small and cozy, with a wood burning fireplace. I want to do some contrast in this room, either a black fireplace or maybe a black wall behind the fireplace?

And here’s the dining room. You can see it’s right next to the living room. It has plenty of space for a six-seat table. I’m still thinking about how to make this room truly special.

Next up, there are two downstairs bedrooms — both currently painted blue. They are both on the small side. I plan to put a full size bed in one and a set of bunk beds in the other.

Here’s the other room. This is the first room we started working on this week. It’s not blue anymore …

Between the two bedrooms is a downstairs bathroom. There is a laminate floor in there (the same as the kitchen) that I’m hoping to change up soon. If you have inspirations for small bathrooms, please send them my way! You walk up a flight of carpeted stairs and there is this larger bedroom at the top. It was previously being used as the master bedroom and it’s really a great space. I can see so much potential here!

There’s also an upstairs bathroom with a cool original tub. It’s currently painted purple and I can’t wait to give it a fresh coat of paint!

Here’s the laundry room, which is off the kitchen downstairs.

OK, I think that is all the rooms. There is also a really great fenced-in yard that we plan to plant a willow tree in this summer.

Our goal is to complete this house so that we can have guests stay by the end of the summer. Since June is already almost over and we’ve barely started, that might be a bit ambitious, but we’ll see! I will share progress reports with you all along the way and room tours when it’s ready to be rented out.

Thank you so much for following along! This is a dream project for me. I am so grateful for a chance to fix up such a pretty home. xx- Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson