I am so excited to share the next room in our Nashville house bnb with you today! It’s the master bedroom, which is located on the second floor of the home along with the master bathroom.

This post is sponsored by Wayfair and is the last post in a three-part series (see part one here and part two here). I have loved and shopped at Wayfair for years. Like a lot of brands we work with, I was a fan before we ever worked with them. Today, I’m excited to share some things we picked out for this bedroom. Wayfair has amazing options for bedrooms. AND, Wayfair is going to be giving away a two-night stay at this house next year when it is available to rent! So excited for one of you to get to stay in this house in the near future!

Before we dig in, here’s our walk down memory lane.

When we purchased the house, the room was painted two shades of purple. We knew that simply painting it white would help it feel a lot more airy. We also wanted to remove the carpet, but we had no idea what we’d find beneath it.

When we removed the carpet, we found original wood. It was in poor condition, but it could be salvaged. So we decided to have it refinished.

It’s a unique shape (those upstairs sloped ceilings) and it’s a long, but narrow room. So we had to be a little creative with our choices. Wayfair actually has a ‘view in room’ feature on their app, which allows you to actually see their products in your own space before buying them. It can be really helpful in design situations like this with tricky spaces! We also decided to remove the “closet” (you can see it here to the right). Because of the sloped ceiling, it wasn’t a true closet (it was a cabinet with shelves in it) that didn’t seem to serve much purpose.

I a really proud of where the room is at today! It’s come a long way. I am so excited to host guests in our new master bedroom.

OK … let’s take a tour!

Here’s the view as you enter from the stairs. The bathroom is to your right.

Right next to the bathroom, we added this horseshoe coat rack for towels or things that need to be hung (it’s actually a set of two, so I’ll use the other one downstairs!).

Since this space is a short-term rental space, we decided to forego the traditional dresser option and added this cute little console table instead. It’s a spot for some fresh flowers and this cute little ceramic cactus sculpture. The fig tree is faux (this is the larger sized one and the quality is amazing). I got the print from my pal Jenny’s Print Shop.

I LOVE this bed. As soon as we decided to design this house with less mid-century influence, I knew exactly what bed I wanted. We chose a queen size. The coverlet is so pretty (I wish you could see it in person … I’ll have to make an IG video for you sometime—it’s amazing!) For sheets, we chose this gingham set (no white sheets allowed in guest spaces … haha … they are too hard to maintain).

The woven area rug we chose is pretty special because it’s a small(ish) print that reads as black and white close up, but gray from a distance.

This star light fixture mighttttt be my favorite part of the room. It’s so gorgeous. I hope you enjoyed this tour! I still have some aspirations of adding shelves and a window seat. However, it wasn’t possible before these photos, since the floors were completed only a few days before—haha. I will update you further in a month or two.

We’re currently at the stage where the house still looks a little crazy (renovation zone crazy, I mean), but it’s getting pretty close. Our goal is to complete all rooms by the end of November before our trip to China (so our family can come visit us to meet Nova and stay at the house). Wish us luck!

Thank you so much for reading and for following along! This has been an incredibly inspiring process for me. xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop Presets.