Today I am excited to share a tour of my laundry room with you! This was by FAR the simplest and easiest room to renovate in our home, and we love the new space. It’s fresh, clean and does the job. It’s not the fanciest of laundry rooms, but it feels that way to me because I’ve never had such a spacious laundry room before.

But first, a walk down memory lane! You can see all the before photos here.

The before was not bad at all, so we didn’t change all that much. What we did was replace the linoleum floor with penny tile, replace the counters with marble (we got a discount because we did a couple bathrooms at the same time), and add peel and stick subway tile to two of the walls. We also replaced the hardware and the faucet and added a couple decor pieces, while keeping it mostly minimal… because who really needs an overly decorated laundry room anyway??

We painted the door a light seafoam to add just a little punch of color. The hanging plants are totally fake (here’s some of my favorites), but they add some color to the space, and as an added bonus— they will never die… haha. (The rest of the plants are real. I am a big fan of only using fake plants in hard-to-reach places.)

I love penny round and this is the only space in our home where we used it. You can see here this is also the space where our dogs have food and water. We kept the existing storage and just updated it with a fresh coat of white paint and some new gold hardware. I love having all those shelves because we keep all our power tools, extra lightbulbs and batteries… things like that in this area. Safe from future kiddos (we already did some kid-proofing before our Home Study for our adoption).  I added just a couple prints from Etsy artist Bree Madden. I had them bookmarked in my Etsy faves for years. Do you ever do that?  The gold hooks are from CB2 and the faucet was a super inexpensive one from Amazon ($30 I believe) that I had metal plated in brushed brass. Right around the time we moved, I transitioned so many things in our home to more natural options. Replacing dryer sheets with these wool balls (with essential oils) was one of the easiest things we did. I love them! I also make my own cleaning sprays and things like that. It’s somewhat of a hobby now and makes me happy to know I am taking little steps toward creating a greener household. Thanks so much for reading! If you are new to our blog, you can see all my home tours here. I am about halfway done sharing the room makeovers in our home. My goal is to complete them this year (or before our adoption, whichever…). This home is truly a dream home to us. We’re planning to stay for a long time (our timeline has expanded since I’ve gotten to know Nashville real estate more… I don’t really think I could do any better anywhere even close to the price of this house).

If you have any questions about renovating, decorating or have any requests for future blog posts, I would love to hear them in the comments! xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.



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