How is it already almost December?! Some of you may think we’re jumping the gun, but we’re getting very excited about the holidays over here. We recently made a tabletop centerpiece inspired by the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (how cute is this?), and we loved the little elves so much we decided to turn them into balloon sticks! These balloon elves would make the perfect favor for a holiday party and kids love them! Let the winter festivities begin!

Elf Balloon Sticks | Oh Happy Day!

Elf Balloon Sticks | Oh Happy Day!

Materials Needed: Elf Printable, cardstock (in blush, pink, coral, red, mint, green, and black), scissors, 5” mini balloons (in blush, pink, coral, red, lime green, and wintergreen), balloon hand pump, balloon sticks, ½” hole punch, 3/4″ hole punch, low temp glue gun

Step 1: Inflate a blush 5” mini balloon until it is round in shape, then knot and cut off the balloon tail. Inflate a 5” mini balloon in a different color until it is larger than the head, but not fully inflated. Hot glue the head to the top of the body then attach the balloon tail to the balloon cup.

Step 2: Print the elf template and cut out all the elements. Trace the individual pieces onto colored cardstock and cut out. Use different colors of cardstock to create a mix-and-match look. Glue together the arm, arm cuff, and hand, as well as the leg, pant cuff, and boot.

Step 3: Use cardstock and a ½” hole punch for eyes and a ¾” punch for cheeks.

Step 4: Affix the triangle detailing to the bottom of the hat, then punch out and glue a ½” circle to the top of the hat.

Step 5: Glue together the two long rectangles to form a belt. Cut out the inner rectangle of the belt buckle, then glue the buckle to the center of the belt. Wrap the belt around the middle of the elf’s body, then trim off the excess and secure with hot glue.

Step 6: Fold along the dotted lines for the ears, arms, and legs to make tabs to glue onto the elf. Use a low temp hot glue gun to attach the rest of the pieces to the elf and you’re done!

Elf Balloon Sticks | Oh Happy Day!

Elf Balloon Sticks | Oh Happy Day!

Crafting by Justine Pon