Elegant Vintage Citrus Wedding In California

Showing love for their hometown, today’s couple was inspired by California’s citrus history for their wedding captured by Jenn & Pawel Photography. Riverside, CA used to be one of America’s largest orange suppliers, so the California Historic Citrus State Park fit the bill perfectly. The colors were chosen to match the citrus theme, and they also added a vintage flair to our wedding.

The most important thing to the couple was having the family around them and being able to make the day as special for everyone. The wedding reception was decorated simply, with a vintage vibe. The centerpieces were made of vintage stands with citrus, metallic chargers added chic to the tablescape and rosemary and citrus infused oil was given as favors. I’m in love with the dessert table, which was a metal stand with several shelves, and where lots of brownies, glazed donuts and a cool white and dark chocolate wedding cake was topped with citrus.

Vintage and affordable was the goal for the attire. The bride’s mom found a $25 wedding dress at Goodwill; the bride initially tried on the dress as a joke, but ended up falling in love with it. Then she altered the dress herself and found a $30 vintage veil on Etsy to complete the look. The groom splurged and purchased a new gray suit for the wedding; he was also able to find a MadMen-esque Italian tie on Etsy that perfectly matched the wedding colors. The bridesmaids wore affordable wiggle-style dresses from Asos and the groomsmen were able to wear suits they already owned.

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