I thik this Swedish home looks very cozy and inviting and I love the contrasting elements in every single room of this well-planned space. The living room has been painted in a very light and warm tint of beige, which matches so nicely with the sheer beige curtains* in front of the windows that warm up the daylight coming in. The dark grey fabric sofa adds a lot of contrast to this otherwise very light room and the pillows in beige and mustard tints on the sofa add a few warm accents. What used to be a doorway has been turned into a built-in shelving with lots of carefully selected decor pieces and the sculptural pendant lamp in the middle of the room adds something special to the look.

The old fireplace in the dining room has been painted black, which is such a statement piece against the light walls and the white kitchen. The dining table and chairs are black as well, which adds to the powerfull contrast in this room. The kitchen has been built in a niche, which is very space-saving. While it has been fitted into a rather small space, it doensn’t feel cramped though, which is the most important thing. The length of the dining and kitchen space is quite long already, which has been made even more impressive by the use of the big round mirror above the heater next to the balcony door.

The bedroom, which can be entered from the dining room, has the same overall color palette as the living room. White* and darker beige curtains* have been combined here for a hotel-look and the beige and orange tints mimic the look of the sofa area in the living room.

via Alvhem

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