It is entitled‘The Edris House‘ and thanks to renown modernist architect E. Stewart Williams, the architect behind the masterpiece, its design became a sensation rapidly in the architecture world ever since its erection in 1954, today the original design showcases the extraordinary simplicity of the `50, untouched.

Palm Springs, California, one of the world`s most exclusives neighborhood shelters the Edris house, it was commissioned by Marjorie and William Edris; in 2000 the home was bought by author J.R. Roberts, its current owner, a year after the purchase the home will enter a one-year renovation project in the attempt to bring the home back to the 50`s ambiance, all the architect`s main design features have been embraced. Douglas fir and local stones are the main two organic materials embraced mean to incorporate the home into its indigenous surroundings overlooking the rocky landscape.

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Photo Coutesy © Lance Gerber

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