Kids easel will be a nice art space for kids to write and draw. It can be your kids choice that they can show their imagination and creativity. The activities in the playroom with kids easel will promote their learning and development. You can put it near the gallery wall or a toys cabinet. The following are some kids easel that will make your children happy.

Curtain Wires for A Cute Display

This room has a kids easel with a natural finish, art display, white shelves, a chair, and a window. To make the art display, you only need some curtain wires. Your kids will be happy to show their artwork here.

A White Craft Table

You can arrange a white Carolina craft table, some Pottery Barn kids chairs, white cubbies, and a kids easel to make a fun playroom. There are storages under the craft table.

Minimalist Cabinets

A gender-neutral playroom should have enough space for storage, a wooden craft table, and comfortable rug. A kids easel also can be put near the glass sliding doors. It will make the kids can enjoy drawing while enjoying the outside view.

A Charming Alphabet Wallpaper

This playroom has a charming graphic black and white print on the wallpaper with alphabets. It will inspire your children to study. The KidKraft Art easel here has two face with black and green boards and two shelves to keep the chalks and eraser.

IKEA Furniture for Playroom

You can not leave fun colors to make a nice contemporary playroom. this space features Mammut children chairs, Ikea Mammut Children table, a natural kids easel, white cubbies, and a stylish patterned rug. You can give them the opportunity to play and show their creativeness in this area.

kids easel mammut children chair ikea mammut children table espresso storage easel blue and white herringbone rug white cubbies wood flooring

Elemental Architecture

A Rustic Gender-Neutral Playroom

This playroom has a perfect spot. It has window bench with built-n cabinet, blue kids easel, a comfy kids couch, a coffee table, and colorful rug. The beige wall and vaulted ceiling really suit the hardwood floor.

A Large Classic Boys Playroom

This is generally how the kids expect their playroom to end up. There are TV cabinet, cubbies, cushioned armchairs, kids easel, and a blue dotted rug.

Artwork Decorations

This playroom is really spacious. The cabinet, two dark brown tables, four red chairs, kids easel, and artworks are arranged very well.

A Clean Playroom

Cleanness is a must in each room including the playroom. The white floor and grey wall make this space look clean and neat. Your kids can put their toys in the cubbies. After playing, the kids should clean their hands in the sink that is provided. For the lighting, you can get Knappa pendant lamp.

Twins’ Playroom

This fun playroom is a great choice for the twins. Functionality is included in all aspects of its design. Twin kids easels include whiteboards and rolls of drawing paper are perfect for doing artwork. Two book racks can hold a variety of books, and two dark blue and pink bean bag chairs are perfect for reading.


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