It’s no secret that, all too often, the bedroom is the last place in the home to be decorated. And even those bedrooms have a hierarchy, with the nursery and kids’ bedrooms coming in far ahead of the master bedroom décor. The trick is to realize that you can do a complete bedroom décor overhaul, sure, but you can also spend just a little bit of time and care and give your bedroom décor a fresh, inviting new look.

Here are some ways to spruce up your bedroom décor easily.

Back to the basics: paint it.

You probably could’ve guessed that the suggestion to paint would be, if not first, at least in the top three suggestions for sprucing up your bedroom décor. But that’s because, as common as it might eye-rollingly be, a fresh coat of paint (on anything – walls, nightstand, bed frame, lamp, you name it) will add a huge visual lift to the bedroom, even if you change nothing else.

Consider painting faux molding or trim, or do something else outside the box with paint in the bedroom, like an abstract bedside tabletop.

Illuminate your bedroom’s potential.

Lighting is a key finishing touch (or foundation) of the décor of any space, and the bedroom is no exception. Brighten up your sleeping space with some new lighting options!

A new pendant overhead, reading light near the bed, or even swapping out an old lampshade for something fresh and new are all great ways to give that bedroom the boost it needs.

Replace bedding.

In many cases, the bedroom’s bedding comprises half of the bedroom décor. If your bedding is looking or feeling tired, worn out, or just blah, changing it out for something new will do wonders for your space and your own satisfaction in your space. You can DIY a new duvet cover, sew a new pillowcase or two, or simply order what you like, ready-made. The point is, you can find a way to change your bedding to fit your taste and budget.

Fresh new fabrics are a beautiful way to spruce up a bedroom, in any season.

Treat your windows right.

It might be time to simply give your windows something new to wear. Whether that involves a full window treatment makeover or simply swapping out the filials on your curtain rod, adding in something new and different might be just the thing your bedroom décor needs for a great seasonal facelift.

Remember your walls.

Bust out the hammer and a pack of nails, and hang stuff on the walls. Create an art gallery wall in the bedroom. Display some of the kids’ prized artwork (elevate it by framing, of course). Hang a map or a sentimental menu or some string art.

Do whatever you need to create life on those bedroom walls. (And, while you’re feeling involved, click here for some other great DIY bedroom décor ideas.)

Turn “mirror, mirror on the wall” into reality.

While you’re incorporating artwork onto your walls and giving those old window treatments the side-eye, don’t overlook an obvious way to add light AND wall life to your bedroom décor by hanging a mirror. Or, if you’ve got the square footage, add a standing mirror. It’s an age-old trick to bounce more light around the space while also providing a practical place to check yourself out before leaving the safety of your bedroom.

Throw down an area rug.

Sometimes, with everything else happening in a bedroom, the area rug piece of the décor puzzle can get overlooked. But dressing up your space with an oriental rug, adding a splash of color and personality with an abstract rug, or simply bringing in coziness and warmth with a neutral rug will all go a long way to enhance the décor of any bedroom.

Build and/or install new shelving.

Whether or not your bedroom is short on storage, shelves are an instant way to add style and also pragmatic storage or décor solutions. DIY floating shelves work great as a more contemporary option to enhance master bedroom décor, or here’s another DIY floating bookshelf option for a child’s room.

Don’t hesitate to get creative with your floating shelves! Use non-traditional materials and/or layouts to match the style of your bedroom décor.

Bring in some green.

Green plants are an instant pick-me-up for any room, especially a bedroom. Air-freshening plants, rubber plants, or even a tiny cactus will bring nature-loving life the bedroom décor.

And don’t forget: the pot can add as much to the décor as the plant itself.

Update obvious hardware.

While this is often advice found for quick kitchen makeovers, the advice applies to bedroom pieces that utilize hardware as well. Consider swapping out a nightstand drawer handle for something brighter or more contemporary. Or mix things up by replacing those streamlined, minimalist knobs for something more traditional or eclectic for a bohemian bedroom taste. Closet door knobs, dresser pulls, vanity hardware, the list goes on. You’ll be amazed at how such a small detail really can change the vibe of the entire bedroom décor.

Add thematic décor.

You don’t have to go over-the-top on a bedroom décor theme, of course (unless you’re working on a nursery or a child’s bedroom). Choose a theme that you love, and don’t be afraid to incorporate obvious and subtle décor components to that end. A tropical foliage-covered pillow, for example, could be all you need in a neutral-natural bedroom space to give it a Caribbean lift.

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