Don’t fret, you still have time to come up with a quick Halloween costume for you kiddos. In just a few weeks and you will have trick or treat-ers knocking on your door!

Are your kids ready for Halloween? I haven’t even started with costumes this year.. and I’m loving these easy costume ideas for my kiddos!

1. Cotton Candy Costume: What is fluffy and cute this Halloween? Use plenty of fiber filling, a little spray paint with the choice of your cotton candy flavor and perhaps some sprinkles made out of cardboard.

2. Be yourself this Halloween but unless you can be a Unicorn, be a unicorn. I love how they used hair wigs for the hair and tail. Then used faux fur to cover the boots

3. Save it for a rainy day on Halloween with this easy rain cloud costume using fiberfill stuffing and felt for raindrops.

4. Jelly Bean Costume. Create your own using a clear bag and balloons.

5. Hedgehog: Use a brown hoodie onesie and then got glue lots of long brown feathers or I would use something cheaper like brown thin foam paper.

6. Mac N Cheese lovers can be esily re-created with empty toilet paper rolls painted in a Mac and cheese color.

7. Wind up Doll: For this costume we made a wig out of lots of yarn, you can see the tutorial on the link.

8.Snail: Brown butcher paper, a cute little gold dress and a DIY headband and you have a cute little snail.

9. A Bath Bubble Yes, a bubble boy! You can easily make this costume with white balloons and things you have in your bathroom.

10.Jelly Fish your way to Halloween with a clear umbrella and some ribbons.

11. A simple Wild Thing by using a white onesie, make a tail out of faux fur and crown.

Where The Wild Things Costume

So there you have it. Some ideas for your kids costumes this year or the years to come.