If you’re planning on going all out this Halloween, you’d better start looking for ideas. It takes a lot of planning to come up with a good decor that gets the desired reactions and doesn’t look improvised at the last moment. In the hopes that we can be of some assistance, we’ve put together a list of some easy Halloween crafts that shouldn’t take up much of your time but that can hopefully transform your home so you can have a stylish but still scary Halloween. We hope you’ll find the inspiration you need, whether it’s a Halloween door decor, a spooky planter or a funky-looking wreath that you have in mind.

Working with skulls doesn’t have to be all creepy and ugly. In fact, you can decorate a skull in such a way to make it look stylish without taking away its scary side. This gilded skull vase should be a good example. It’s a project that plays with the metaphors of life and death but combining a styrofoam skull with a variety of succulents.

Some projects are so simple that you can actually do them in just a few minutes, leaving you plenty of time for the other things you need to take care of until trick-or-treaters start ringing your doorbell. Check out these themed coasters for instance. They look pretty professional and we like that about them. If you like the idea, you could make something similar out of some wooden coasters, some Halloween-themed scrapbooking paper and a bit of matching paint.

If you’re not a fan of the usual Halloween decorations everyone finds in the stores we totally understand which is why we suggest doing something original, like this wire word block art piece. As you might have guessed, you need a block of wood for this. You’ll also require some scrapbooking paper (we suggest something with a dark color and a suiting design, like spider web), a sticker maker, paint that matches the paper, gold wire and strong glue.

With a tree branch, some black paper or cardboard and some fishing wire you can make a Halloween ornament that will definitely enhance your decor. It’s such an easy project anyone can do it in 20 minutes or less. First off, take some black card stock and trace a few bat shapes on it. Cut the bats out, poke a tiny hole in each one’s head using a needle, push some fishing line through and make a knot. When all the bats are done, hang them from a branch. Now you have a hanging bat branch which you can display above a door, on a wall and pretty much anywhere else you want.

These pumpkin air plant holders are among our favorite Halloween projects simply because they look so cute as they try to be spooky. They’re tiny and they’re made of plaster mix using a silicone mold. You can give yours any facial expression you want. Just use a sculpey to shape the eyes and mouth. You can paint these pumpkin planters in any color you want so don’t feel obligated to stick with orange.

Forget about the pumpkins, skulls and bats for a moment and let’s have a look at something less mainstream: a creepy-looking Halloween chandelier made out of a bird cage. We love the originality of this decoration but we think it needs to be surrounded by the right kind of decor and the right ambiance to be at its best. The fact that the cage is painted black definitely helps with the spooky mood.

Of course, what’s Halloween without a jack-o-lantern and what kind of DIYer are you if you just buy one from the store? It just so happens that we have a suggestion regarding this: a tutorial for some nice-looking jack-o-lantern and cauldron candle holders. Both designs start out as simple glass bowls. With a little bit of orange or black paint and some stickers, they’re transformed into cool decorations.

Planning a Halloween cocktail party? Then you absolutely must serve your guests some toxic drinks. Don’t worry, they won’t die or anything…it’s all safe. But before you mix the drinks, set the right mood with a black and white ombre table runner that looks ghostly and chic at the same time. Just use speckled spray paint on a white piece of cloth. As for the drinks, a little bit of neon food coloring poured at the top will definitely get you the right effect. Try different colors for different types of drinks and don’t stir it.

Now let’s get back to the decorations and see what else you could make. A bat wreath for the front door could be a nice touch. While black bats can definitely look spooky, if you want a more colorful look you can try a different color. For example, get some fuchsia-colored foam bats and even glue some glitter on some of them. Use them to cover up a metal wreath form entirely. Add a witch’s hat at the center for contrast.

Now that’s a pretty dramatic-looking table setting right there and we love it. It’s just what Halloween is all about. Don’t make things too complicated by trying to find specific decorations for this project. Just use whatever you can find and try to make it all look gloomy and dark. Take this Halloween table setting design for example. It was done using pumpkins and dried plants. It’s actually the palette of colors that does most of the work. The black table runner and the matching plates look great.

Candles can be really romantic but they can also make a room feel eerie. The surrounding decor and color palette matter a lot. So how can you make Halloween candle holders? Well, it’s simple and there are numerous ways to achieve the look. One involves wooden furniture legs (yes, we know it’s strange), brass hardware fitting, black paint and glue.

Tiny hands are creeping people out. Instead of looking cute, they’re actually very spooky and you can use that to your advantage when planning your Halloween decor. What we’re suggesting is a creepy key holder with doll hands instead of hooks. Start with a wood pallet board and five doll hands. Paint the board silver and then splash around some rust texture finish. Let it dry and then glue on five wooden spindles and then cover them with the doll hands.

We admit that joking around about someone’s death is not exactly fun but you can make something Halloween-worthy out of this. The idea is to make a tombstone on which to write your own name (or someone else’s). Since it’s Halloween and since the tombstone will sit on your porch, nobody would really believe it’s real. That being said, here’s what you need if you want to make a Halloween chalkboard tombstone: a plywood slab, a saw, a ruler, sandpaper, primer, chalkboard paint and chalk markers.

You don’t have to redecorate your entire home for fall or Halloween but you can definitely make a few changes that impact the decor and the ambiance in the room or the entire home. One example can be this black feather chandelier. It’s easy to make and you can use it as a Halloween decoration. Keep in mind that you’ll need a chandelier base for this project.

Like we said on numerous occasions, there’s no need overcomplicate things. The simplest projects and designs are often the best ones, like this Halloween table centerpiece that’s nothing more than a big branch and some twigs and flowers painted black. It’s easy to make, it requires easy-to-find materials and it can be done in just a few minutes and minimal DIY skills.

There’s a way to get your home or office ready for Halloween without adding any new items to the decor. The idea is to transform the things that you already have and to decorate everyday items in a way that’s Halloween-worthy. You can adapt this to also make it work for other holidays and even for full seasons like fall or winter. Try using black washi tape or masking tape to give everyday items such as the picture frames, the pencil holder on your desk, the spoons in your kitchen or the vases in your living room a quick and spooky makeover.

A giant yarn spider web can transform an entire wall. It’s a suitable Halloween decoration for both homes and offices. Here’s how you make it: cut 3 or 4 long pieces of yarn and tape them to the wall, making sure they meet at the center. After that, start making the webbing using a large piece of yarn. Tie it to one of the long strands and tie it around each of the other strands with a simple knot. Repeat this with several other pieces of yarn until you’ve made all the rings on the web.

This skulls looks quite nice, with flowers instead of hair and a green tint. It’s actually a cement planter and to make it you need a hollow skull made of plastic to use as a mold. You’ll also need a round container, quick set cement mix, a craft knife and some duct tape. Decorate the skull however you want. You can paint it, put moss and flowers on it and even decorate it with colored markers if you want.

You’d think googly eyes can’t possibly look spooky but you’d be wrong and we have a perfect project to prove it with. Check out this googly eye lampshade and see for yourself. You’ll need a lot of eyes so be sure you’re prepared. Get some green paint as well so you can drip it over the eyes when all of them are glued to the lampshade. It’ll give the lamp a monstrous look. If you want, you can also add a few other ornaments or experiment with different colors. Red paint could look like blood so maybe you’d like to give it a try.

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