Today something simple cheap and effortless, a craft memory from my childhood
A piece of cardboard cut into an egg shape and decorated with anything from mom’s drawer 🙂
That was it, it’s what I needed as a child to jump over the moon at Easter!

So why not to take this to our kids today and have an hour of silence, it’s so easy 😉
We did it last year and will use it over and over again as one of our Easter decorations in the house.

But what we actually use instead of cutting a piece of cardboard…

Yes! That removable window from the box of tissues.
No cutting, pure joy…thanks to Ela, it was her idea 🙂

If you’re in sneeze season than keep them!
Otherwise cut the shapes out of thick cardboard.

Now gather all the stuff which might work :

– buttons
– yarn/thread
– ribbons
– decorative paper scraps
– sequins

– PVA glue
– sticky tape
– bamboo stick

A little brief, just so you remember how it’s done 😉

Meanwhile cutting off  any excess …

I’ve been making mine too.

 We then added a bamboo sticks using tape so they can be display in plant pots for example.

                                Simple as that 🙂