Apple Cider RecipeHappy Halloween friends! As much as I love the holiday, we all know that tomorrow is really the main event since all the candy will be marked on clearance. But even still, over the weekend I threw a party and wanted to share the tasty punch we served!

This year has been so unseasonably warm that it was only right to make a chilled cider this year– though it would be equally as great if you wanted to serve it warm for Thanksgiving! Really, you can’t go wrong with any combination of apple cider and rum.

Apple Cider RecipeFor this punch you really only need a few ingredients:

2 gallons apple cider (in Honey Crisp + Gala)
2.5 oz bottle of lemon juice
1.75 liters dark rum
Seltzer (optional)

Pour all of the ingredients in a large serving container and stir well. Add ice to chill. If you’d like a little bubbly, top off with a splash of seltzer after serving.

And if you’re looking to get extra creepy for Halloween, add plastic eyeballs some spider silhouettes to your container! You can also snag all of the other decor pieces I used right here if you’re throwing a last minute party or if you want to stock up on Halloween decor for next year.


Apple Cider Recipe

Apple Cider Recipe

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