Easy 3D Hatched Shadow in Procreate

This week, I have a quick tip you can easily add to your own work – a 3D hatched shadow effect! You can add this to lettering, typeable text or even shapes and it takes less than 5 minutes to do.

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✨ This artwork was created on a 5th gen iPad Pro (12.9”, 256GB) with a 2nd gen Apple Pencil using the Procreate app (v.5.1.8)
✨ I use the Paperlike screen protector on my iPad Pro, more info here: https://every-tuesday.com/paperlike
✨ I’m also using the NimbleGrip by Uppercase on my 2nd Gen Apple Pencil: https://every-tuesday.com/grip
✨ When not in use, I keep my Apple Pencil in the NimbleStand: https://every-tuesday.com/stand
✨I recommend any iPad listed here for working in Procreate: https://every-tuesday.com/ipads as they all allow for pressure sensitivity. I only recommend an Apple Pencil because of its reliability compared to other 3rd party styluses



00:00 Intro + Supplies
01:18 Setting up the canvas
01:43 Lettering
02:45 Create the Extrusion
04:30 Paint the Hatching
05:00 Hatching to Shadow
05:40 Extra Masking Tip
06:25 Final Artwork



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