It feels so good to pop out an Easter project because that means we’re nearing the end of winter, and I tell you, this one was a long one. It also feels good because I have to say that I’m a HUGE fan of today’s project. These bunny eggs turned out just as I envisioned. Cute, and then some!

I was able to use up some plastic eggs that I bought from Target last year. They are about 3″ tall and transparent, which I like for this project. I designed the bunny ears and feet to fit these particular eggs. If you have smaller eggs, you can easily shrink them on your computer.
Bunny shapes printable (download it )
Printer (like my Canon MX492)

White card stockScissors6 3″ plastic eggsCandy and chocolatesMini glue gun


Print the PDF and cut out the shapes. On the bunny ears, fold over the triangle bottoms. Plug in the glue gun to warm it up. In the meantime, fill the eggs with candies and chocolates.

Drop just a small amount of glue on the cut outs when gluing. With the ears, add the glue to the triangle parts you folded earlier, and adhere to the tops of the eggs. Glue matching feet to the front of the eggs.

Total project time: approximately 1 hour for 6 eggs.