Easter came fast and furious this year and just at the tail end of some really big deadlines for me. So we grabbed everything from years past and made the best of it. Turned out to be just the lovely serene Sunday we hoped for filled with Easter magic.

IMG_3770 IMG_3789

the kids got up early excited for a hunt. And what did we do? well make them all take showers and put on their easter Sunday Dress of course. So after a delicious breakfast of french toast the kids we’re able to dig through their baskets and then hunt for eggs in the yard.


We started a tradition this year of having a large gold egg and each child’s plate filled with one special toy. They loved it.


We also pulled out our pillow case bunny bags, and adaptation of our ever popular bunny pouch, for the kids again this year which they loved.



With Easter arriving so early this year I think we’re all still wondering how it all came and went in a whirlwind. But rest assured there’s still plenty of Easter candy left over to tide us over.

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