Earthy Bohemian Garden Wedding Shoot

This wedding shoot is garden meets wild bohemian vibe, such beautiful pictures that are sure to inspire you, get your Pin button ready!

The goal was to take things that had been seen before and pair with them with something new or use them in a new way—a floral tie for the groom, for example—or beautiful calligraphy written on a tree instead of a sign post. The stylists wanted to showcase the beauty in raw earthy elements (like raw wood, uncut Herkimer diamonds, fur rugs, the trees, greenery and blooms, organic cotton, and various marbles and stone textures) by pairing these with more modern styles currently trending in home decor (geometry shapes, macrame, and mixed metals).

As for colors, shiny metallic golds and coppers, peaches, creams, and subdued greens were paired with deep blues, purples and reds that really made each color pop. The stylists felt that the contrast between a more dark and moody photographic style and a spring styled shoot made for an interesting twist.

The bride was wearing an ethereal gown by Desiree Spice, it’s off the shoulder and with a detailed bodice. She was also wearing beautiful earrings and a matching headpiece. The groom was wearing blue jeans, a chambray shirt and a floral tie.

The wedding invitation suite was done in green marble and gold, the wedding cake was done in yellow, with topper and moss around, very woodland-like. Look at all these pictures below and add such vibes to your own wedding!

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