Don’t just default to a gallery wall.

If our walls are a blank canvas, why are so many of us meekly painting by numbers, decorating our walls with piecemeal art? We believe it’s time to save those smaller pieces for hallways or other odd spaces, and to splurge on statement art that boldly transforms the room. Because even in a night sky filled with glowing stars, a full moon commands our attention.

Photo: Sophia Yeshi

A well proportioned art piece adds color and dimension, allowing you to become an auteur, directing the eyes of a viewer. If chosen wisely, it can tie together the visual narrative of an area. Don’t limit yourself to the living room, either: In a bedroom setting, a central focus can introduce a calm backdrop, and in a home office, it can create a view where none exists. In a dining room, it adds to a convivial atmosphere. And for a real surprise, consider the bathroom, where you’ll have the viewer’s undivided attention (if you catch our drift).

Designing around a larger artwork does require a level of forethought and commitment—not to mention cost (framing can be a surprisingly expensive investment at this scale). Just remember, there are options beyond traditional canvas art or framed prints. Tapestries, wall murals, magnetic poster-hanging kits, and mounted sculptures are all equally effective centerpieces.

There will always be a place for gallery walls, but it’s time to think big. Add a large-dimension piece as an undeniable, transformative statement that communicates your sense of style.

Shop Statement Wall Art

Girard Environmental Enrichment Panel, Ribbons

“Art is only art when it is synonymous with living,” said Alexander Girard, the director of design for Herman Miller’s textile division from 1952 to 1973. Toward the end of his tenure at the Michigan-based company, Girard was asked to add an element of “aesthetic functionalism” to Herman Miller’s very first open-plan office system, called Action Office. He responded with more than 40 images for the Environmental Enrichment Panel (1972) project. Ranging from abstract designs to figurative pictograms, these lively, colorful and fun panels bring personality and warmth – and a bit of Girard wit – into any environment. Each includes preattached mounting brackets for easy hanging (mounting screws not included). This is an authentic Environmental Enrichment Panel by Herman Miller. Made in U.S.A. Photo Courtesy of Design Within Reach

Enzo Mari: The Apple and The Pear Poster

Italian modernist Enzo Mari designed “La Mela e La Pera,” or “The Apple and Pear,” as part of his 1963 nature series. Each print adheres to Danese Milano’s principles of deep expression through bare minimalism. In the series, forms from the natural world—a goose or an apple, for instance—are transformed into elemental works of graphic art. The silkscreened poster comes with two PVC bars for wall mounting and makes a strong statement on its own or hung with other prints from the series.

Louise Gray Harriet Throw Quilt

Blurring the line between form and function, our graphic throw quilts are equally at home draped on a sofa or hung as a work of art with the throw quilt hanger. Each quilt is machine-washable and easy to maintain for those with little ones and pets. Photo Courtesy of Louise Gray