Driving in India at Night in Crazy Traffic | Mumbai to Pune Road Trip

Driving in India at Night in Crazy Traffic | Mumbai to Pune Road Trip

Come join us for another travel vlog from India where we showcase driving in India at night with crazy traffic on a road trip by car from Mumbai to Pune. I kick things off with a quick hotel room tour of my place in Mumbai before hopping on an auto-rickshaw to meet David at Mumbai International Airport.

David’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Davidsbeenhere

From the airport we loaded up our bags in the car and actually drove to meet a friend (fellow YouTuber Priyanka Tiwari – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRf6dfFdV9wU-gSB9fpHmcQ) for a late night Indian Street Food feast. Upon finishing our meal it was already almost 4 am in the morning so we were really late to get to Pune from Mumbai.

The drive itself was pretty intense as we were sharing the road with a plethora of slow moving transportation trucks and fast moving cars. You could tell our driver was in a bit of a hurry, because we were so late, to get us there at a reasonable time.

What made driving in India at night a bit crazy was just the combination of vehicles moving at different speeds and the fact that some bigger vehicles just broke down in the middle of the road and traffic just continued on. The combination of the crazy traffic and bigger vehicles moving well below the speed limit made it feel a bit like we were playing a real-life video game on the road. I remember telling David that it felt like Tetris trying to squeeze in between those big trucks.

We found our one stop for chai very refreshing and something we’d recommend to stretch your legs and use the toilet as well. Along the way we paid several tolls as well.

For those interested the drive from Mumbai to Pune is 147.8 km and takes approximately 3 hours plus or minus 15 minutes depending on traffic. We paid our driver just over 4000 Rupees for the drive which was $55 USD. We thought it was a good deal and we’d do it again if we faced the same circumstances.

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Driving in India at Night in Crazy Traffic | Mumbai to Pune Road Trip Travel Video Transcript:

Good evening guys. Greetings again from Mumbai, India. And today I’ve got a bit of a special episode in the sense that I’m going to be showing a transportation video of how we get from Mumbai to Pune which we’re going to be doing overnight.

I’m arranging an auto-rickshaw for between 150 to 200 Rupees to get from the hotel to the airport. And I’m meeting David at Terminal 2.

The arrival waiting area is really well equipped with outdoor restaurants, places for people to stand and sit. If I wasn’t going on a street food tour with David tonight I would definitely try eating at one of these cafes right now. I’m actually a little peckish to be honest.

We’ve been driving for like 25 or 30 minutes already so we’re 1/6 of the way there. Hahaha. 1/6 of the way there. It is almost 4 am in the morning.

You know what I think this is going to be our only uh trip or sorry only journey on this trip where we are taking a car.

Oh my gosh! Like next level traffic jam here. Playing a video game to get by. Some dude just walked over. Oh wow. There was an accident. Oh no someone just stalled in the middle of the road. Is that what happened?

I think so. I think somebody stalled right here. It could have been. Guys what is up? It doesn’t look like an accident. Just looks like a vehicle broke down.

We’ve arrived in Pune. Just finishing off all of the paperwork here. How much was it again dude? It was like 4000 Rupees? It was 4022 plus a few tolls and you also tipped him like 400 Rupees. Yeah. Because the dude was awesome. He waited for us while we had street food so thank you. Thank you very much. Have a good night. And this is basically going to end the vlog of getting to Pune. Goodnight guys.

So yeah it is time to go and go meet David.

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