Driftwood craft ideas: unique pieces created with this amazing material

Wood is an authentic and very hot material that is very popular for interior decoration. Whether it’s used for the floor, wall decoration or decor, it always brings an original character and helps you to install a welcoming atmosphere. Today we are inspired by the construction of Driftwood.

Driftwood: 21 DIY inspirations to integrate it into your decoration


Driftwood is a piece of wood that has been worn out of the waves and has taken a specific form, very favorable for the creation of original objects. The pieces are of different size and shape and we have the chance to start really impressive works. The construction of driftwood objects has become a practical art that finds thousands of interesting themes. Different decorative objects, sculptures, candlesticks, pots, picture and mirror frames are made only with driftwood and some additional arrangements. Now see how you can make things from Driftwood to the pictures below.