Dreamy Sunrise Elopement in Patagonia, Chile

We love elopements that take place in some amazing locations that take our breath away. Today’s elopement is one of these – this is a ceremony in Patagonia, Chile, an adventure of a lifetime!
The couple chose Patagonia as they are true lovers of national parks and it only felt right to get married in a national park, let alone Patagonia—the mecca for hikers and backpackers. They also always knew they wanted the moment to be very intimate and truly coming from the heart. They wanted their vow exchange to be intentional and felt that the only way to do that was to keep the moment between the two of them.
Patagonia has to be one of the most breathtaking and adventurous places you could elope. Driving into the mountains with guanacos, ostriches, and flamingos, towering peaks and pearl blue glacier lakes, there really isn’t anything like it. Ashley and Jay hiked in at sunrise for their elopement and they said their vows quietly to each other on the calmest morning ever. It’s as if the whole place just stopped breathing for a second to witness this incredible moment.
The bride was rocking a beautiful lace wedding dress with bell tassel sleeves…

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