Hello there! This project was that one idea that you have on the side and that you tell yourself over and over again; “I’ll get to it one day..” Fast forward a few years later and that project is still a design on a piece of paper. So for this year, I set a Crochet Goal for myself to create what I have never and what I have always wanted to make. This dress was at the top of that list!

I knew that if I went for it, I wanted it to be complete with zipper detailing as well as have the dress completely lined.  The yarn I utilized was all from Michaels, from Isaac Mizrahi’s Craft line primarily because they were all so colorful and held the perfect weight for Summer attire. 

The dress took A LOT of measuring of course, calculations and starting over and over, which I truly love because without a bit of failure how else will you accomplish as well as Learn how to achieve your main goal! Furthermore, the dress took a handful of days on and off due to finding the right Zipper and thread color to match perfectly as well as selecting the perfect muslin to perform as the lining for the dress. The entire dress was 100% hand sewn which was 100% interesting to say the least!

The elation I have for this particular dress is truly out of this world! I honestly believe there is nothing more self rewarding than accomplishing a goal utilizing your own hands. You just can’t get that from simply buying it! Which is why I truly love creating handmade crochet clothing for it is Made for You, by You!

I entirely heading forward from a design perspective to continue creating the projects I’ve dreamt up, utilizing diverse methods I’ve never used because there is always room to grow!

Much Love & Happy Creating!
ashlee elle.



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