Drawing a Mandala Doodle with Paint Markers on Painted Paper

Draw a mandala doodle on hand-painted paper with paint markers
Easy mandala art for fun and relaxation.
@0:00 Drawing a mandala on painted paper.
@0:05 Draw guidelines with compass & charcoal pencil.
@ 0:10 Draw mandala doodle patterns with a black paint marker.
@1:12 Draw doodle patterns with a white paint marker.
@3:27 Shade the background with black acrylic paint.
@4:08 Draw doodle patterns with black & white paint markers.
@5:02 More doodle videos!

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✔ Art Supplies used in this video:
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-Black & White Paint Marker(All sizes)) https://amzn.to/2IjiLNS
-Painted Paper (how to video) https://youtu.be/avbNOqHKRbI
-white charcoal pencil
-black acrylic craft paint.
-angled shader paintbrush
-paint palette
-water & rinse cup
✔ Shop Art Supplies: https://www.amazon.com/shop/studiosilvercreek

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-Staining Paper with Acrylic Paint: https://youtu.be/avbNOqHKRbI
-DIY Stained Paper: https://youtu.be/5fMA4oRX_TI
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-Painted Papers For Mixed Media Art: https://youtu.be/LprMPKChsxM
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DIY Layered Stencil Paper: https://youtu.be/yN1Fq689nmc


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