It’s no secret that I love interiors…visiting them, imagining them, re-imagining my own, daydreaming about them, scrolling through endless images of them online and in print, creating them myself for work and…I just adore a hand drawn version of an interior!  I stumbled upon this above beauty by artist Lulu deKwiatkowski and ended up down a rabbit hole of interiors paintings by masters of the medium.  I was even reminded of some (rudimentary) line drawings I did at university of my then apartment and dug them out of storage to have a look!


Another from Lulu DK.


Australian Cressida Campbell‘s stunning and painstaking work showcases many beautiful interior prints, most of which I learned are from within her own home – just around the corner from me!


I love the simplicity in colour and form of this by Japanese artist, Fumi Koike .


Matisse of course explored interior painting through his ever expressive fondness for colour.


Picasso even painted the inside of his studio, presumably the one I visited in Antibes.


Don’t be alarmed by the disparity between those masterful works and my own attempts at interior line drawing.  This was ten years ago (!) and an assignment, so not drawn out of love.  I do remember that with line drawings there was no end, until you decided you were done…the more you looked for lines, the more you could find.

interiorlinedrawing2  interiorlinedrawing3

I went with a few different angles and pencil mediums throughout the process.  This was definitely as therapeutic as an adult colouring book, from memory. Since I’m currently loving my new interior and looking for a creative side project to do from home, perhaps I’ll spend an afternoon this week exploring lines, but with the added punch of colour?  My new space is a million times more inspiring than this old apartment!

What about you?   Do illustrations or paintings of interiors make your heart sing or do you prefer the stylised realism of photos in magazines?


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