Draw a Monstera Plant in Procreate

Grab this week’s free color palette here (make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Procreate before downloading/installing): https://every-tuesday.com/monstera-color

The main brush used is my monoweight brush (free, along with many others when you become a free Every Tuesday email subscriber): https://every-tuesday.com/resource-library

We also used the free 2B Compressed default Procreate brush (found in the Charcoals category)

The lettering at the end was created with the Jittery Ink brush from my Font Lovers Procreate Brush Set: https://every-tuesday.com/font-lovers

The Flower Reference Pinterest board is available here: https://every-tuesday.com/pinterest-flowers

The masking tutorial referenced in the video is available here: https://youtu.be/t5aY4KftxTA

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Happy Tuesday! This week (by request), I’ve got a potted monstera for you! It’s even complete with some textured shading, so if you caught last week’s tutorial (https://youtu.be/W5Cf0s0bIEI), you’re perfectly prepared for this one 😉 Just like last week, we’re using 2 free brushes (my monoweight brush and a default charcoal brush), with the Jittery Ink brush from my Font Lovers Procreate Brush Set being used for some lettering at the end. Grab your free color palette above + brushes and get started!

I use the Paperlike screen protector on my 3rd gen iPad Pro (12.9″, 256GB). More info here: https://paperlike.com/everytuesday

I’m also using the NimbleGrip by Uppercase on my 2nd gen Apple Pencil. Check it out/pick it up here: https://every-tuesday.com/grip

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