When it comes to fashion and the way we want to dress, we dress according to the situation and the mood we are in. This is something that men may not get but we as women can always relate to. Which is why the same woman or girl has a place for simple, straight and superb square neck dresses on the one hand and the very dramatic one shoulder dress on the other hand. Because there has to be an outfit for every occasion and every mood. But we have to warn you that a one shoulder dress will draw the eyes of the onlooker to that shoulder that you have left bare and this is no dress for a wallflower. The same reasons that apply to why wearing an off-shoulder dress can make you look good also apply to the one shoulder dress. Which is that it adds a sensual and mysterious look to one of the undervalued but feminine aspect of a woman – her neck and shoulder area.







Before you start thinking of off-shoulder dresses to make you rhapsodize and drool, let us learn a bit more about one shoulder dresses and how they can make you the cynosure of all eyes. And if for even one minute you think that an off shoulder dress comes with just one option, then you would be mistaken. In fact, the one shoulder that the dress has can be worked in many ways.







If you put your mind back to the leading ladies of the movies of yesteryear, then you would realize that the one shoulder dress is an outfit that was much favored by the femme fatale of the movie. She would have a huge sleeve on one side that had some kind of embellishment and the other shoulder would be left completely bare. One could not help but keep staring at that lovely expanse of one shoulder that she would display. The slight but very interesting asymmetry of the one shoulder dress would ensure that the woman wearing it need not even wear much jewelry especially around the neck.







Often the best way to make the most of this lovely look is by putting up the hair so that the neck and the one shoulder that is on display is seen in the best light. Another charming idea would be to add lovely long glittering earrings that would flirt with the neck and shoulders making the outfit come alive. This was something that was often the option that would be sought by women who want to create a dramatic impact. But if you are in the dare to bare kind of mood, then you can make the sleeve on the side of the one shoulder that is covered sleeveless instead of going for the long and dramatic sleeve. But for this to happen, you need to ensure that your shoulders and arms are really toned and groomed.







The options for a one shoulder dress are numerous starting with the simplest sleeve to options like lace or ruffles to make the dress as subtle or as dramatic as you please. And if you are planning to wear a one shoulder top with jeans, then do make sure that you choose subtle colors and a simpler material so that the outfit does not look jarring. And in such instances, you can also brush out your hair and leave it loose to hang charmingly on your shoulders. The same is true for a short and informal cotton dress with one shoulder bare. It is best to style day time outfits in a simple and subtle way to make the most of this outfit.

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