Laia Garcia is the deputy editor of Lenny and a founding member of The Wing in NYC.

My current color crush … I am having a bit of a love affair with yellow—especially that ugly dijon mustard shade seen in many a 70’s kitchen.

The space I would move into tomorrow … It’s not a real place, but whatever the physical manifestation of The Gentlewoman would be; that would be my dream place.
I learned [to “go with myself”] from [Fiona Apple]. Easier to forget than you may think!

Song that best describes me … I’m gonna stay real honest and say “Extraordinary Machine” by Fiona Apple. My love for her is true and real.

My go-to dish/drink to make when guests are coming in an hour … Order as much Taco Bell as possible, and have it delivered via Postmates.

Advice to my 2017 self … As always, “let’s see what happens if I do this thing.”