Dog Playing In The Snow! Our German Shepherd (Togo) Loves Winter!

Come join us for a dog playing in the snow as we showcase our German Shepherd Togo loving winter. During our family winter vacation to a cottage we brought our German Shepherd dog (Togo) along with us for the trip. We knew he’d enjoy winter and playing in the snow but we had no idea just how much he’d love it. From the moment he arrived he was excited and ready to play. From playing chase to stealing mittens from running after balls to diving face first into the snow Togo was having the time of his life. Apparently, happiness is a snout covered in snow.

In many ways this was a dog’s winter vacation. Originally we had planned on going to Florida to escape the harshness of a typical Canadian winter; however, our decision to rent a cottage in Canada and embrace the cold and snow was the best decision we could have ever made.

For more of Togo the German Shepherd dog check out this video:

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Dog Playing In The Snow! Our German Shepherd (Togo) Loves Winter! Video Transcript:

In this dog video you’ll see Togo the German Shepherd playing in the snow and many other things including:

1) German Shepherd Dog fetching a ball in the snow
2) German Shepherd Dog stealing our mittens and running away
3) German Shepherd Dog jumping head first into deep snow
4) German Shepherd Dog chasing and retrieving a stick in the snow
5) German Shepherd Dog receiving a snow shower
6) German Shepherd Dog sleeping by the fireplace
7) German Shepherd Dog running and jumping in slow motion
8) German Shepherd Dog in deep snow running and jumping
9) German Shepherd Dog chasing after us as we slide downhill

This is part of our German Shepherd Dog series showcasing German Shepherds playing.

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