I recently started making my bed. It may sound like a small thing, but it’s been a pretty big positive change in my life.

It’s basically the exact same thing as taking the time to get dressed even though I work from home. Or taking the time to clean off my desk at the beginning of the week even though I am the only one who sees it.

Recently, I have had a pretty big mental shift in how I think about small tasks and how I prioritize my time. As someone who works from home and is not a perfectionist, it’s pretty easy for me to let small things slide. But I started to realize that all these small habits were rolling into larger habits, and in the end having a huge impact on my quality of life.

So I started small. I made a list of things I wanted to change or improve and things I wanted to try.

Among that growing list there have been things like schedule a dentist appointment I have been putting off, make my bed, get dressed in the morning, send mail to my grandmothers and return online purchases that don’t fit the same day I try them on.

These things are mostly small and I will be honest, not worthy of being super proud of. However, as the months have begun to pass by, I have felt empowered to take on more and more positive changes.

Making my bed was just one small thing. Something I didn’t even think was bothering me. One tiny shift.

But looking back now, all of the small actions have begun to add up and are a boost to my self-confidence and mental clarity. I’m sleeping better, more able to say no and overall feeling less stressed and overwhelmed.

I realize this is nothing groundbreaking, but I wanted to post it here to encourage those of you who may be craving some change in your own lives. Start with a small list of goals like making your bed, do the things on your list and keep adding more. You may be, like me, surprised by how quickly these little actions can snowball into positive change in your everyday life.

These photos are sentimental to me because they are the last photos taken of our bedroom before we swapped to a king-size bed. I had this bed for more than 10 years and as silly as it sounds, I was truly attached to it. It was hard for me to see it go!

That said, it was time for us to move on to a king-size bed and we are already 1000% happy with our decision. I will be shooting new photos of the refreshed room next week. I’m torn between just changing a few details (new side tables, maybe a pillow—LOL) or going for a bigger change with paint. We’ll see … xx – Elsie

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