Mother’s day is approaching and we are already thinking what to give mom and grandma. This year, I’m teaching my little girl how to make these easy yarn dream catchers I made for Michael’s Store to give out as gifts. Even kiddos can help with this project, it can make your Mother’s day gift even more special. My little girl, is already picking her own color choices to make more dream catchers. I’m planning on a black and white yarn dream catcher that I can not wait to hang in my bedroom. 

The project turned out amazing and very easy to make. The possibilities are endless, with lots of color combos and trim patterns. Can’t wait to make more!

– 2 skeins of yarn (2 colors of your choice)
– Metal Rings (Michael’s carry about three different sizes in the Leather department ranging from $3- $6 for three)
– Macrame Cord
– Scissors
– fork

Start by making the first layer. Use a book or something for length reference (This will be the longer layer, so use a large book, I used a clipboard). Wrap around to about 5 times. Remove and make a loop in the metal ring. Grab ends and insert through the loop from the back. Pull down to make it tight. Trim the ends. Make and align 18 tassels.  


Second Layer: Use a book smaller than the first layer for length reference. Wrap around about 6 times. Remove and make a loop in a long piece of cord. Grab ends and insert through the loop. Pull down to make it tight. Make around 23 more tassels to form a second layer.


Third layer: Use a smaller book than the second layer for length reference. Wrap around to make a thick looking tassels. Remove and insert a cord in the middle. Cut a small piece of yarn and secure the tassel just below the cord. Make about 7 more tassels. Once done, secure on top of the two layers of the dream catcher by making a knot. 

To trim: Lay the dream catcher in a flat surface. Comb the yarn using a fork and then cut across the yarn.


What are you planning on making your mother this year?

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