Turn a wire basket into a trendy wall shelf with this easy hack! Use it to organize your bedroom (because who doesn’t need more space for accessories?!), office, or even kitchen (thinking coffee rack with hanging mugs!). You can customize your shelf by opting for a large or small wire basket as the basis for your project. Follow these simple steps to create your own industrial chic piece!


  • Rectangular or square wire basket (ideally with flat sides)
  • Wood
  • Sanding block
  • Clear polyurethane finishing spray
  • Drill with phillips head drill bit
  • 2 small screws (no longer than the thickness of your board)
  • 2 washers (coordinate size with the screw)
  • 2 metal S hooks


1. Take the dimensions of the long side of your wire basket (or better yet, take the basket itself) to the hardware store and have them cut you a piece of wood to match the size of the long side of the basket. This will become the top of your shelf. Use a sanding block or thick sanding paper to sand the edges (to make them not so sharp and get off any excess wood shavings). Wipe off the dust.

2. Finish the board with clear finish. Here we used a clear polyurethane finishing spray but you can opt for an oil or wax if you prefer. Apply the finish and let dry according to the directions on the back of the bottle of finish.

3. To assemble your board to the basket, lay the board face down on a flat surface and then place your basket upside down on the board. Place your washers over two columns equally spaced apart on your basket.

4. Secure the basket to the board by drilling the screw through your washers into the board. The washers will keep the basket in place by straddling the wire openings to the board.

Flip right side up and you will have your basket with a little shelf on top. To finish up your shelf, add a few S hooks to the bottom of the basket so that you can easily hang items off the shelf.

Hang on the wall with two nails or screws equally spaced. If your shelf will be heavily used, opt for nails to secure it to the wall!

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