Do you have that empty wall space and you just don’t know what to do with it – how to occupy it properly? The default go-to option is always to hang pictures but there’s a lot more to a well decorated wall than that. If you’re looking for DIY wall art ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing a complete guide with 120 ideas and tutorials for wall art and decor project for your home. Use this vast selection of inspiring ideas to decorate your walls in a truly unique way with a lot of decor value.

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DIY Wall Art Ideas

If you’d rather make your own crafts than buy them, here are 35 DIY wall art ideas for you to choose from. Most of these come with tutorials so you’ll have no difficulties to replicate them at home.

Tassel Garland

Tassel garlands made of simple wrapping paper is not an ordinary decor idea and it won’t always work but experiment with it to add some boho element to your decor.

Paper Flower Medallion

Turn an old book into these beautiful paper flower medallions to embellish your walls. It can work as a temporary decor option for a special occasion or even as a permanent decor feature.

Herringbone Canvas Art

What’s so great about DIY canvas art is that you’ll always get unique art specific to your own style and it’s not a difficult thing to do even if you’re not an artist (if you just follow a tutorial like this one).

Stenciled DIY Wall Art

Another great way to create wonderful DIY wall art is using stencils.…

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