Remember my Victorian Mixed Media Necklace I made last month? Well, it got a lot of positive feedback and inquiries for a tutorial so here it is, for your crafting pleasure. I kind of stuck to the {almost} same color combination with some different crochet flowers and beads.
What you need for your necklace?
1. A doily or a crochet piece you can use as the foundation.
3. 1 Tulle Pom-Pom {I used this technique to make it}  
5. 2 Crochet flowers (this post contains links to 6 flower patterns) .
6. {optional – Beads, jewelry parts, old brooches, trinkets}
7. 2 jump rings, a clasp and a chain.

I have tons of doilies. Literally. But they have an immense emotional value so I didn’t have the heart to use any. Instead I used a piece of a factory made crochet tablecloth I have in my stash. It had a flower shaped at the corner so I cut it out and because it was very thin and fragile I cut another piece to back it up. So make sure that your piece is sturdy enough to carry the entire composition.

I folded it at the upper part, pinned and sewed both together.

Next, and this is the fun part, play with the elements and work on your design. I loved my previous one, so I made this almost identical to it.

Gradually add and sew the elements onto the doily.

When the assemblage is done, add a jump ring at each end and attach the chain. And the necklace is done.


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