DIY Vegan Roving for Needle FeltingDIY – Vegan Roving for Needle Felting. Easy tutorial for using acrylic yarn to create roving to use in needle felting projects!

Have you ever found the perfect colour for a needle felting project in a yarn and wondered if you could make it into roving? Have you ever found the perfect colour for a needle felting project in an ACRYLIC yarn and wondered if it was even possible to make it into roving?

Yes! and Yes! and it couldn’t be easier. Please note that using this tutorial for acrylic yarn works for NEEDLE FELTING projects. You may have to experiment if it works with wet felting.

Basically …DIY Vegan Roving for Needle FeltingYou will need:

  • Hairbrush with finer bristles – make sure it is clean!
  • Scissors
  • For needlefelting – you’ll need your tools!

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How to:DIY Vegan Roving for Needle Felting1. Cut your yarn into 30cm strands or less. Gently pull apart the plys of the yarn.

2. When you have about 12 to 20 strands, neaten and roughly hold in the middle.

3. While holding firmly, brush the strands, starting at the ends (like knotty hair!)

4. Pieces will break off. Continue to brush until all the strands are ‘fluffy’.

5. Gather your fluff! It doesn’t take much to create a wad of vegan roving this size.

6. This tutorial assumes you know how to needle felt. I made a couple of spheres.

DIY Vegan Roving for Needle Felting

Easy! I found that the vegan version works just as well as using wool and this way you can match the colour from a previous project you’ve made if you need to. The crochet cushion above uses the same neon pink yarn and now that I can needle felt with it, it opens a whole new world of possibilities!

I originally made the pink spheres for pink (instead of the usual mustard) billy button flowers – just a ball of the end of a piece of florist wire basically, but I’ll try to think of something a little more interesting for another tutorial ? Any ideas?


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